You're signed out. On your Apple TV (3rd generation and earlier), go to Settings > General > Restart. Recently got a Samsung 4K TV, a Sonos sound system and an Apple TV 4K; using an AirPort Extreme. If still no sound, check whether it is … Here is how: On your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, go to Settings > System > Restart. You're signed out. You may also contact us at Hope this will remove the problem. Finally, start AirParrot until it is connected to the Apple TV. However, during the procedure of watching YouTube videos, no sound YouTube has been one of the most common problems which plague users. The most important part of this tool is that it will not causing any data loss while repairing your tvOS system. On your Apple TV 4K, go to Settings > Video and Audio and select Audio Format. Many users have encountered no sound issue in their Apple TV. To reset you Apple TV’s settings, follow the following steps: 1. 1. Apple: Some videos from YouTube can neither be played on my iPhone nor on the Apple TVHelpful? Your account at your fingertips. It forgets stuff I bought from Apple all the time. Werkt Youtube niet of doet de video player het niet? The Apple TV 4K uses Siri, while the Amazon Fire TV Cube is obviously an Alexa device. Restart your Apple TV. Unplug, and then firmly reconnect each end of the HDMI cable connecting your television and Apple TV device. Well! Restoring your Apple TV. Step 2 – When the TV gets detected by the software, click on 'Repair Operating System' panel from the main screen. in accordance with our, Join the discussion and share your voice here, Apple TV Stuck on Computer and Settings Screen, Apple TV Notifications Issues on Catalina, How to Fix Apple TV Download Error 9813/3150/8012, Top 6 Apple TV Not Working Issues and How to Fix Them. The Apple TV not playing sound problem could be as a result of the cable not carefully configured. • Songs stops playing randomly in the middle or beginning of the track. All you have to do is take the TV remote control and switch signal to Stereo (aka PCM) - thereby ensuring that the signal from the Apple TV can be recognized by your TV.Furthermore, if you're using the Digital Optical Port (Toslink SPDIF) on your TV as an audio output to your Sound Bar or Stereo System, you may also need to go into your TV settings menu and do the same thing: Turn Dolby OFF and switch the Audio Format to PCM (aka Stereo).This method should work for: Samsung, Sony Bravia, LG, Vizio, JVC, Sharp, Insignia, Toshiba, Panasonic, TCL, Hisense and more.If this still doesn't work, please contact your TV manufacturer, they should be able to tell you what to do next. Send us your comments and feedback about Apple TV. Make sure the HDMI cable is plugged firmly into the back of your Apple TV, and the television. Reports like these: @CordCuttersNews did you know @YouTubeTV is not streaming correctly using a Apple TV 4K? You will get no complications while working with it to repair the problem. Poor video quality or audio issues. Please ensure you have a sound card in your machine, and you've installed sound card driver. Volg deze stappen als het statuslampje op de Apple TV uit is. 5 common Apple TV problems and how to fix them. If you are not pumping this audio through a surround sound speaker system, you are definitely missing out on a great home theater experience! Streaming is down to 240p. Step 3 – Now, click on 'Download' to get the latest firmware for Apple TV downloaded. Reports have been flying in of YouTube TV having poor streaming quality and other issues. The Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same home WiFi network. Change from On to Off. If you are fed up with resolving the YouTube loading and buffering problems one after one, why not find a one-stop solution rather than undyingly putting up with these YouTube issues. You will have to wait a couple of minutes for fully restarting the TV. It happens more with watching video via the iPad through to the Apple TV and on to the TV set. Try out this workaround and get the problem solved. Simply check out if the audio receiver connections are well put in place. 3. In the 'Audio Mode' option, change the setting from Auto to '16 bit'. The next thing you need to make sure of when Apple TV sound is not working is checking all the connections between your Apple TV and the Home Theatre system. To fix an audio or video problem, complete the following steps: Make sure that the volume on your external audio device or television is not set to mute. Jan 1 ... now there is sound in the youtube-video that I´m streaming USING SAFARI!! Let us understand the tutorial for using the tool accurately. Here's a solution video that may fix it instantly.Avantree, industry leader in TV Audio Adapters:\u0026utm_medium=appletv\u0026utm_campaign=nosound**Use Coupon Code [Z5WWBHOB] at checkout for discount. Hardware failure, sound card malfunction, or sound card driver problem. If changing to stereo solves your audio issue, your equipment may not be surround sound compatible. No doubt you are suffering from this issue as well; otherwise you wouldn't have been reading this post. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. We’re keeping the post up for info only.Update November 2015 – Apple TV 4 is out now YouTube gone forever from ATV2Apple were early to market with the 1st gen Apple TV. However, the sound is perfect. Here are the steps to execute this: When there are no results, you can also try to disable Dolby Digital Out settings. If the Apple TV isn't displaying any lights, unplug the Apple TV from the power source. Actuele storingen en problemen bij Youtube. Send us your comments and feedback about Apple TV. Apple TV can lower the overall sound level by reducing the loudness of music and sound effects.. Do either of the following: Reduce loudness in the currently playing video: Swipe down to show the Info pane, select Audio, then select Reduce Loud Sounds. In case you own a third party Home Theatre system and using it or it is an optical digital audio port you making use of, you need to try to establish the connection between your TV with the Apple TV using an HDMI cable. Plug the power cable back in. Select Reset All Settings 5. apple recommends 25Mb for … by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-03-29 / Update for  Apple TV Repair. Ultimate Solution to Fix Apple TV Sound Not Working Another solution and the best solution that can help you in fixing Apple TV no sound problem is Tenorshare ReiBoot. Apple tv 4k sound is out of sync. For over a week now we have been getting reports of an issue with YouTube TV and their Apple TV app. If it flashes for more than 3 minutes, you should restore your Apple TV to the factory default settings. if you can, try using the apps built into the TV as a test, to help narrow down where the problem is coming from. If you have no idea, here is how to perform this method. Choose 'Settings' and go to 'Audio & Video'. Enable sound. 2. I'm using Spotify Premium. If your device is connected directly to your TV, check your Netflix app audio options. Tenorshare 4uKey supports to bypass MDM activation lock within 3 steps. Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. The YouTube TV app does NOT follow the Apple UI guidelines for audio, nor work with Airplay 2 correctly. From the first have had problems using the Apple TV to play music that’s on the Mac. Tap to unmute. The following steps will explain you how you can do this. All my other apps on the Apple TV work fine. If you have upgraded your Internet services or changed your Internet services providers (ISPs), it could be the possible cause. If you cannot hear any sound when playing YouTube videos or fail to get any audio from YouTube for various unknown causes, calm down, man, here I will help you analyze why the YouTube no sound problem happens and show you a clear path to fix the issue with YouTube sound with the greatest ease. Set Audio Output to 16-bit. All rights reserved. Reduce loudness for all videos: Open Settings on Apple TV, go to Video and Audio, and turn on Reduce Loud Sounds. Select General 3. Here are some other possible factors you need to consider. It does not apply to the Apple TV 4 onwards. If you’re connecting a Apple TV 4K to a receiver, make sure that it also supports HDMI 2.0 or later. YouTube TV has no sound. I just turned on my Apple TV and I have no sound. Alle Apple Originals. Step 1 – Launch the program in your PC and take HDMI cable and power cord to unplug Apple TV. Open Settings 2. It doesn’t handle large libraries well AirPlay sound not working. I use Apple TV the most because it’s got the most support for content. When downloading gets finished, hit on the 'Start Repair' option and your TV's problem will begin to repair. If you are unsure how to change your Netflix app audio settings, visit our alternative audio article.. YouTube App is Not Available on Your Apple TV. Controleer na elke stap of het statuslampje gaat branden. Now, you don't have to ask others "why the sound on my Apple TV is not working" because you have learnt everything about it in the post. These problems are majority of the time related to different configuration and settings. Copyright © 2021 Tenorshare Co.,Ltd. Sign in for the easiest way to view and pay your bill, manage your account, watch TV anywhere and more. Select Settings > Audio & Video. And all movies through Apple TV. You can also manually restart your Apple TV: Unplug the power cable. Look for the manual in order to change these kinds of settings. AirPlay sound not working. Starting next month, YouTube will no longer be natively available to stream on the third-generation Apple TV, first released in 2012. If you are not pumping this audio through a surround sound speaker system, you are definitely missing out on a great home theater experience! April 19, 2017. Copyright © 2007-2021 Tenorshare Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple wants to hear from you. I have a brand new Samsung 8 series 4K smart TV connected with the approved HDMI cables directly to the Apple TV. Tv & Audio ... try restarting the TV and any audio hardware connected to the Apple TV such as a sound bar. Sometimes I can get it to work by going into the AppleTV settings, choosing another audio output and then switching back, but it doesn't work every time. Turn your iOS device off and on (restart) and reset. Both have issues. This tool is highly recommended to use for its reliability and ability to fix the issues without any data loss. In the 'Dolby Digital Out' settings, turn it off from on. If still your Apple TV sound does not work, a simple force restarting steps could do the trick. You can do a simple test by removing and re-fixing the cable to firmness. what model are the TV and any sound devices you're using. Switch on your Apple TV and wait until you see the Apple TV start menu on your TV Screen. The main reason? Hulu, et al. More Tips on YouTube No Sound Problem: There can be certain possible factors why the sound of the YouTube video is not working. Today I had what I’ve realized is a fairly common problem and it turns out there’s an incredibly simple and brilliant solution on the Apple TV and I just wanted to share it. YouTube's Apple TV app was updated to be more in line with Google's design language — called "Material Design" — which has been in place since 2014. iOS: Force an app to close. Youtube TV is an over-the-top video streaming service that offers access to TV channels in the United States. The YouTube app has disappeared from many second-generation Apple TV units, users noted on Monday, with both the home screen icon and references to … YouTube downloader listed above is a much cheaper and easier solution. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Thanks readers! To … Can Apple TV be used to support Facetime or other communication Apps? If you don't see Immersive Audio and Dolby Atmos as an option, you might need to change how your home entertainment system is set up. This program has a capability of fixing any system problems on Apple TVs, such as Apple TV 2nd generation won't update, Apple TV 3rd generation screen becomes black, Apple TV HD won't charge, no sound, and many others. Under Immersive Audio, check that Dolby Atmos is on. ** Part 1: 5 Basic ways to fix YouTube no sound; Part 2: Professional way to fix no sound on YouTube Release the buttons when your Apple TV restarts. Auxiliary Equipment Malfunction. Voorwaarden zijn van toepassing. Guide to Connecting Your Apple TV to Surround Sound Speakers [Updated for Apple TV 4K] Nearly all iTunes HD movies and TV shows are accompanied by a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio track. Apple TV no sound? **Please leave your questions \u0026 comments below, we'll reply within 24 hours. Tap to unmute. If the status light on the Apple TV device is flashing quickly, you may have a hardware problem. Now try to open YouTube. I don’t have cable - watch tv thru over the air signal. Taking the help of the Apple TV remote, open 'Settings' first. Amazon Fire TV/Stick. The Apple TV is a great way to stream movies, watch TV, and play games — when it is working. More Less. ... stripped down and missing features my Apple TV can handle. Restart the Apple TV device. I have to reboot it at least once a week. No choppiness, no issues whatsoever. Apple TV can lower the overall sound level by reducing the loudness of music and sound effects. Additionally, check if your TV is connected to the power source for it to obtain current flow. So, just keep your eyes on the screen and know what to do when the sound on your Apple TV is not working. **While we all love the new surround sound and Dolby 5.1 even 7.1 technology, not every TV can handle it, especially if your TV is more than 4-5 years old. If you confront this problem, follow the solutions below step by step and enjoy YouTube videos with wonderful sound. If surround sound (5.1) is selected, try changing it to Stereo instead. They hate the Apple TV ... you do it with your iPhone you can’t do any other things on it if the app doesn’t support background playing like YouTube does. If you are unsure how to change your Netflix app audio settings, visit our alternative audio article.. A: Apple TV YouTube errors, like no content was found, YouTube app stops working, there was a communications error between YouTube and Apple TV, that happened to the 2nd generation or older are resulted by YouTube app changes that it is inaccessible on dated devices. Support iOS 14. Ensure that volume is not muted and that the levels are properly configured by checking your television and/or audio system. If changing to stereo solves your audio issue, your equipment may not be surround sound compatible. I have a problem with Youtube TV Youtube TV outages reported in the last 24 hours Sometimes the video will appear on the screen but you will hear no audio. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies Apple wants to hear from you. All the cords and wireless connection are appropriate or not. Boot your Windows 8 PC , wait until all start-up programs have been loaded, then go to the desktop and wait for another time every start-up program is loaded. Scroll to and select Reset 4. If sound is not being projected on your Apple TV, it may be due to an auxiliary equipment malfunction, a settings discrepancy, using the wrong audio mode, or using the wrong surround sound setting. But nothing has been worse than the problems I’ve had with my 2nd Generation AppleTV. To start troubleshooting this issue where you're unable to use AirPlay with the YouTube app on your iPhone, I'd like you to please force the YouTube app to quit, and then restart your iPhone. I bought a sound bar today and connected it via HDMI-ARC. Download YouTube Video to Solve YouTube Loading & Buffering Problem. Or, if you use a receiver or HDMI switchbox, use an HDMI cable to plug your Apple TV directly into your receiver or switchbox. Starting next month, YouTube will no longer be natively available to stream on the third-generation Apple TV, first released in 2012. If your screen’s blank, your picture is blurry or distorted, or you’re having problems with colour or sound, the following article might help: Troubleshooting Apple TV video issues I'm trying to play music on an Apple TV via AirPlay (audio only, not mirroring). Wait for about a minute (60 seconds) and plug it back in. Problem: The Apple TV Status Light Is Flashing . Guide to Connecting Your Apple TV to Surround Sound Speakers [Updated for Apple TV 4K] Nearly all iTunes HD movies and TV shows are accompanied by a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio track. Start je gratis proefperiode 7 dagen gratis, daarna € 4,99 per maand. If this doesn't work, plug the Apple TV into the computer using a USB cord and use iTunes to restore the Apple TV. If you've not done so, you may need to restart the device. This introduced a tiny delay in the audio from my TV. While actively using each streamer there's little significant difference in what you can do with each of these: find films, pause video, ask trivia question and control any smart home devices with your voice. Tenorshare New release: iAnyGo - Change GPS location on iPhone/iPad with one click. This tool is highly recommended to use for its reliability and ability to fix the issues without any data loss. Also, if I actually do get the audio to work, then turn off the tv, turn it back on, and again no sound from YouTube TV. Exclusief op Apple TV+. Tried hard wiring the Mac and the ATV to the Airport, but this didn’t help. If that’s the case follow these steps: It’s all too obvious, but check that the sound is tu We hope you liked the post and all your problems get sorted after reading it. Koppel het netsnoer van de Apple TV los, wacht 30 seconden en sluit het netsnoer vervolgens opnieuw aan. To get started on troubleshooting your sound issue with the AT&T TV device, check here. To overcome this problem, just update the firmware on your ISPs modem or router. The problem started when I bought an HDMI Sync Box from Phillip Hue so I erroneously concluded that the box was the problem.