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'میرے چشمے دھندلا گئے، پانی اچانک میلا سا ہو گیا۔۔۔' It is the largest International broadcaster, discuss every updates in 29 languages, Including radio station and Television News and speech. Medieval Europeans were fanatical about a strange fruit that was eaten rotten, From the theft of Ringo’s hair to auctions of Beatles’ body parts. Matheus Pereira and Callum Robinson score twice as struggling West Brom overwhelm 10-man Chelsea and end the 14-match unbeaten start to Thomas Tuchel's tenure. Footage shows medics responding to Floyd... Footage shows medics responding to Floyd arrest, Dino-killing space rock gave rise to Amazon forest, British stunt performers spotlighted in new film, Brands choose influencers over models in lockdown, 'Lockdown has really been a blessing in disguise', Pfizer 'stopping 91% of cases in first six months', Writing songs in lockdown: 'It was an escape', The iconic couple with a controversial open marriage, How bees and drones team up to find landmines, Striking news pictures from around the world, Africa's top shots: Beachcombers and sand wrestlers. 7,531,411 likes. Clear selection. Download a wide range of entertainment programmes and highlights for free. BBC URDU. BBC Urdu's official Facebook page. BBC Urdu TV's all-woman team; Swahili perspectives on Kenyan elections; a taste of horsemeat from Central Asia; and Afghan Uzbek lovers leap the border. The latest Tom Clancy thriller and a Melissa McCarthy superhero parody, It's a key that can "open the door to happiness". Online greatest hits BBC Brasil's Thomas Pappon gives the lowdown on the big-hitting stories across the World Service language sites this week - including Azeri's Olympic wrestlers, crocodile tears in the Philippines, and ghoulish surprises in the Attacama desert. BBC Asian Network is helping to address any safety fears around the Covid vaccines in the South Asian community, in five languages: Gujarati, Punjabi, Sylheti, Tamil and Urdu. BBC URDU. BBC URDU. 7,534,652 likes. You are Visiting Urdu BBC News Page of For Latest, Hourly Updated, Breaking, Popular, Political, Current Affairs, Entertainment, Sports, Science and Weather Audio Video News in Urdu. Karim Benzema continues his rich scoring form as Real Madrid warm up for Wednesday's Champions League fixture against Liverpool with victory over Eibar. From the Uzbek and Kyrgyz Service's Diloram Ibrahimova and Gulnara Kasmambet tantalise the taste buds with their culinary tips for the best horse-meat sausage. Listen back to eclectic and insightful stories from the international language services. The much anticipated launch of the first BBC Urdu TV programme this week was guaranteed to fire up the Twittersphere. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Urdu News papers Hindi News papers Arabic News papers French News papers Englisk News papers Chinies News papers Farsi News papers etc etc Lille return to the top of Ligue 1 with a crucial victory at title rivals Paris St-Germain as Neymar sees red. Rustam Qobil tells the story of the man who swam to unite with his sweetheart. Watch BBC News live, find TV programme listings and schedules, plus enjoy your favourite shows on BBC iPlayer. A fresh look at the week's global news from across the World Service's 27 language sections, with presenter David Amanor. bbc urdu tv programme sairbeen. Enjoy BBC audio on the move - a wide range of programmes and highlights are available as podcasts for you to download for free. Selected Journalism from BBC Urdu Online. What's in store for next month's presidential polls? The driver of the vehicle was shot dead by police after lunging at officers with a knife. انسٹاگرام پر کاسٹنگ کاؤچ کے حوالے سے پوسٹ ڈالتے وقت صبا بخاری غیر اخلاقی مطالبات سے کافی مایوس ہو چکیں تھیں۔ Election time in KenyaAs Kenya prepares to vote, two Swahili journalists - Odiambo Joseph and Robert Kiptoo - reflect on a legacy of election violence. کودتای میانمار؛ اعلام حمایت گروه‌های شورشی از اعتراضات مردمی, Quién fue Otto von Bismarck, el hombre que fundó la Alemania moderna hace 150 años, برطانیہ: ایسٹرا زینیکا ویکسین لینے کے بعد ’بلڈ کلاٹنگ‘ سے سات اموات کی تصدیق, Police officer dies in attack at US Capitol, Kneeling on Floyd 'uncalled for', top officer says, Police officer gives rare testimony against Chauvin, Baseball strikes out Georgia over voting law, Egypt's ancient rulers return in mummies' parade, Six things we didn't know about the Beatles, Bizarre spring-cleaning tips from around the world, Weekly quiz: TV bust-ups and 'Satan Shoes', Belgian police 'are supposed to protect us', Cracking down on the coronavirus rule breakers, ‘Time is of the essence’ to save our oceans, Officer and suspect dead in US Capitol attack. A student was taking a morning nap when he was abruptly woken up by something unexpected. Love across the borderA torrid tale of two young lovers - connected by a mobile phone but divided by an ancient river that marks the border between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Breaking news, sport, TV, radio and a whole lot more. An ode to horsemeatHorsemeat may not be the flavour of the month in Europe - but it certainly is in Central Asia where it's considered a delicacy. Read about our approach to external linking. BBC Urdu has announced the re-launch of its TV programme, ‘Sairbeen’, on Pakistan ۪s Aaj News channel and online on Presenters Aliya … CLICK HERE to subscribe to BBC Urdu : From Monday 31st March, the new-look ‘Sairbeen’ will be broadcast live from London by Aaj News and streamed on at 19:30 PST (14:30 GMT) Monday to Friday, covering key global and regional issues. Weird cleaning traditions and techniques to refresh your waning motivation to clean house in... How closely have you been paying attention to the headlines this week? BBC Urdu's official Facebook page. Campaigners in Belgium call for urgent reform of the police after a series of high profile deaths in custody. BBC Urdu's official Facebook page. Selected Journalism from BBC Urdu Online. 7,533,609 likes. Subscribe to receive each new episode automatically. The asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs gave birth to tropical rainforests, a study suggests. Launching BBC Urdu TVBBC Urdu leapt onto Pakistani television screens this week with an all-woman team fronting its hour long current affairs programme, Sairbeen. Launching BBC Urdu TV BBC Urdu leapt onto Pakistani television screens this week with an all-woman team fronting its hour long current affairs programme, Sairbeen. BBC Urdu Pakistan Live News بی بی سی اردو. Major League Baseball announced they are moving the 2021 All-Star Game and Draft out of Georgia.