In this ordinance, it is pointed out that, first a layout of the future city had to be made, with a string and a ruler in a square-shape (like a chessboard), always starting from the Plaza de Armas; In conclusion, Lima as a European city was born at the Plaza de Armas. Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor) is ranked #1 out of 9 things to do in Lima. La Plaza Mayor de Lima, ou Plaza de Armas, est le principal espace public de Lima, la capitale du Pérou.Elle se situe dans le centre historique de la ville.Sur son pourtour se trouvent le palais du Gouvernement du Pérou, la Cathédrale de Lima, l'Église du Sagrario, le palais archiépiscopal de Lima, le palais Municipal de Lima et le Club de la Unión. Plaza de Armas of Lima. It is a mandatory tourist spot for those who wish to visit the city since we are talking about one of the most significant spots there, surrounded by historical buildings and of great importance. See pictures and our review of Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor). Die Kathedrale nimmt zusammen mit dem Palast des Erzbischofs die komplette Ostseite ein. The Plaza de Armas in Lima is one of the oldest places in all of America, being the founding plaza of the city and the nucleus of urban life. Soldiers in dress uniform stand guard in front of the Government Palace, which sits far behind iron gates. Lima’s Plaza de Armas, also called Plaza Mayor, is home to the Cathedral of Lima, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Government Palace and the Municipal Palace of Lima (city hall).. The plaza mayor is the core of the city. It is located in the central zone of the Historic Centre of Trujillo.In the streets that form this main square are located the buildings of Municipality Palace, the Cathedral, among others. This is due to the fact that on many occasions troops were stationed in this site. Things to do near Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor) on Tripadvisor: See 123,116 reviews and 51,317 candid photos of things to do near Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor) in Lima, Peru. Plaza de Armas of Trujillo is the main square where the Spanish foundation of Trujillo was made, in northern Peru.It has been the principal locus of history in this city in the republic era. Immerhin legte dieser hier, am Rand des Platzes, am Tag der Stadtgründung den ersten Stein der Kathedrale von Lima.. Together with the cathedral the Plaza Mayor was established in the year 1535, by Francisco Pizarro, since then it has gone through several transformations. The Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno), one of the most spectacular buildings in Lima’s Plaza de Armas and definitely the most heavily guarded, is where the President of Peru calls home.In addition to being his home, the palace also serves as the location for various governmental meetings and functions and is not open to the public, although some special tours can be arranged. The Plaza Mayor is renamed Plaza de Armas in the times of independence. Der Plaza de Armas, von Ausländern auch als Plaza Mayor in Lima bezeichnet, ist der ideelle Mittelpunkt der Stadt Lima, die 1535 von Francisco Pizarro gegründet wurde. The Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas of Lima, is the birthplace of the city of Lima, as well as the core of the city.Located in the Historic Centre of Lima, it is surrounded by the Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop's Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union. It is surrounded by the Government Palace, Cathedral of Lima, Archbishop's Palace of Lima, the Municipal Palace, and the Palace of the Union.