For questions, please contact The fonts below were developed as part of the College of Liberal Arts re-branding process of 2015. Looking for University fonts? System Fonts CSU-Keynote-SystemFonts_Wide-2016.key. While Vitesse is a very distinctive font that is ultimately used in headlines, Proxima Nova is Colorado State’s versatile all-purpose font. Aggie Orange is used as a secondary color option. Font use in the context of visual brand language documentsWhile other typefaces, such as those identified in college visual brand language documents, may be used in headlines, external communications, such as advertising, should carry the look of the ‘State Of’ campaign and use Vitesse. It’s a modern, clean, slab serif font with slightly rounded asymmetrical characters that echo our Ram’s Head logo. The CSE - Citation/Sequence in-text citation system is simple: It relies on numbers. idea or a perception that presents a distinct impression to its audiences While the Ram’s Head artwork is available as a standalone piece of art, it should never appear in external communication without the logo or signature. The superscripted number flags the reader's attention to a correspondingly numbered entry on a Referenceslist located at the end of a book or document. Not suitable for: Long lines of body copy. Use the Signature in all applications except: The files above are saved at the smallest allowable size. These fonts are primarily used for marketing purposes. Suitable for: Any number of applications – from subheads to body copy. Please use the pulldown menu to view different character maps contained in this font. Vitesse is Colorado State’s headline font and should be used strategically to emphasize key messages. Vitesse is a distinctive type face and creates an easily recognizable look for the University. It can be paired with the University word mark and signature. Adapted from the *6th* edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, this comprehensive guide offers up-to-date information on formatting electronic references in APA Style. Colorado State University offers PhD and Master's Degrees as well as Certificates in a wide range of programs with exceptional faculty. When reproducing, use only the master copies found on this site. All that's needed is a superscripted number: a raised numeral located at the end of a clause or sentence identifying the content as outside source material. Use this site to write, learn to write, take writing classes, and access resources for writing teachers. The organization is entirely student-run and led with support from the CSU Campus Recreation Office. Size and clear spaceThe clear space around the logo is equal to the height of the “o” in “Colorado,” regardless of the size. See how light knocks electrons off a metal target, and recreate the experiment that spawned the field of quantum mechanics. It is the feeling we leave them with. These fonts pair well with our headline font, Vitesse. Vitesse, a modern slab serif font for headlines, for purchase at Vitesse, a modern slab serif font for headlines, for purchase at Colorado State University is a networked brand, in which distinct entities come together to create the University as a whole. Our brand is not our logo, advertising campaign, identity system, or set of talking points. When legibility is a concern, use other weights as appropriate. You may increase the size proportionately, but please do not reduce its size. o Exceptions would be charts and graphs. The downloadable signature files on this site include a bounding box around the artwork. CSU’s Creative Services recommends using Proxima Nova Regular in body copy and Proxima Nova Bold or Black in headlines. Virtually explore Colorado State University - Fort Collins in a fully immersive 360-degree experience. Thousands of designers (famous or not) use the image font detection system to find a font or similar free fonts from an image. These letterhead templates allow campus users to create form letters within Microsoft Word. Through the use of effective communication strategies and techniques, Creative Services actively supports the strategic goals of Colorado State University by helping to create a clear and positive image of the University in the minds of our constituents. NCAA Colorado Buffs Boulder Bold Regular NCAA Colorado Buffs Boulder Bold:Version 1. Custom artwork created in collaboration with unit. Do not alter the artwork in any way. Letterhead Templates – Word. That’s why we have created application guides for each student type. CSU Graduate Students can … Colorado State University is classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity".. The Ram’s Head is the University’s official logo. Every font is free to download! We want to make applying to Colorado State University as easy as possible. The Signature is Colorado State University’s primary mark. Colorado State University employs four font families as part of its core brand identity. All paths lead to Fort Collins. 3. • Graphics should “garnish” the slide, not become the focal point. Whatever your next step, Colorado State has a program for you. Proxima Nova, a versatile typeface that can … Our international student staff is here to make sure your transition to Colorado State is as smooth as possible. 1. Dedicated international staff. About Colorado State. It also contains the links to … Unlike the Name/Year system, no parenthetical information is required. Stylistically, Proxima Nova is a hybrid, combining humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance. University Identification and Affiliation, Visual Brand Languages of Colleges and Units, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, School of Global Environmental Sustainability. Master’s students will use the heading Master’s Committee: Doctoral students will use the heading Doctoral Committee: The Master’s Committee and Doctoral Committee headings begin at the left margin. Although we have the largest database of fonts, the search for a font from an image gets mixed results like the image above. In President’s Office communications, the seal may substitute. • Avoid over-use of animation – these can be distracting. Colorado State University is a networked brand, in which distinct entities come together to create the University as a whole. CSU Green is significant part of design. Not suitable for: Distinctive headlines, such as in the “State Of” campaign. Every website associated with Colorado State University must include the following: Green Header with a Colorado State University signature and unit identifier (when applicable) Green Footer with the Colorado State University word mark In our 250+ programs of study, students work side-by-side with professors who are conducting groundbreaking research and making a difference. 1. Avoid using Thin. CSU Green is our strongest visual cue and should appear in the branded top bar and footer of all University websites. The word mark should always be used against a clean, contrasting background. The Colorado State University style guide is campus’ online resource for branded visual communication. Colorado State University (Colorado State or CSU) is a public land-grant research university in Fort Collins, Colorado.It is the flagship university of the Colorado State University System. The official Volleyball page for the Colorado State University Rams A respected university. In formal University communication and external signage, use the Word Mark. Logo, unit identifier, and signature printed on garment. Elena, a distinctive serif font that works well in large blocks of body copy, for purchase at Colorado State University: Licensing. University Identification and Affiliation, Visual Brand Languages of Colleges and Units, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, School of Global Environmental Sustainability. It is the sum of all the interactions our audience – students, alumni, fans, community members – has with CSU. We aim to create a welcoming and friendly community for all those interested in esports and gaming at Colorado State University. The University Signature allows those distinct entities (colleges, departments, programs) to pair their names and identities with the University. Suitable for: Shorter blocks of copy such as headlines, pull quotes, single words, and subheads. Colorado State University employs four font families as part of its core brand identity. Please follow the links above to purchase on a department basis. Proxima Nova is for purchase at, but also included in Adobe Creative Suite subscriptions. Colorado State is rated among the Top 100 Universities in the Americas (Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, 2014) and is a Carnegie Class I research institution. The style guide includes a description of CSU’s brand and advertising campaigns, as well as practical recommendations when developing print, web, and promotional items. All Colorado State University apparel and promotional items must be purchased from a licensed vendor. 00 February 14, 2015, initial release NCAAColoradoBuffsBoulderBold This font was created using FontCreator 7. • Use same font throughout, or a maximum of two font types. Check with your college’s communications office to see if your college or unit has a VBL document. Welcome to Colorado State University! To preserve clear space, no graphics or artwork may overlap this boundary. 2. Once you have determined what type of student you are, your guide will explain all of the information you need to apply. The name of … Colorado State University; Fort Collins, Colorado (do not abbreviate Colorado) Committee block. Becoming a Ram is more than “going to college.” It’s finding your passions, preparing for your dream career & building lifelong friendships along the way. For questions, please contact If you recognize the font from the samples posted here don't be shy and help a fellow designer. Do not pair the signature incorrectly with any other logo, college, department, or program name.In these instances, use a signature with unit identifier or contact Creative Services. MLA, APA, Turabian, CBE, and Government Publications. Click to find the best 55 free fonts in the University style. What We Do. Landscaping with natives on a large or small scale can maintain biodiversity that otherwise would be lost to development. • Use large font size: 36 point, no less than 24 point. Inspired by the Colorado State University seal, the University Signature is a new addition to the Colorado State University visual brand language. At CSU, we strive to nurture the whole student. • Don Not use all caps. “The little spurs that are on the letters, that’s an homage to the ranger industry,” Huwa, 27, says. Creative Services no longer handles typeface license distribution. 00 NCAA Colorado Buffs Boulder Bold Version 1. Recommended weights: Vitesse looks best in its Light weight. The configuration maintains that Colorado Mesa University is the master brand by placing the unit’s name below the master brand signature in a smaller Avenir Black font. The University Signature allows those distinct entities (colleges, departments, programs) to pair their names and identities with the University. ... See WP:PD#Fonts and typefaces or Template talk:PD-textlogo for more information. RAMtech is a division of Academic Computing and Networking Services at Colorado State University. Currently the senior art director for Kroenke Sports, the Colorado State University grad recently released Ranger version two, with additional numerals and punctuation. This work includes material that may be protected as a trademark in some jurisdictions. Basic Latin (91) Latin-1 Supplement (19) Latin Extended-A (1) Spacing Modifier Letters (9) Greek (1) General Punctuation (15) Currency Symbols (4) Mathematical Operators (13) Our brand is the stories, experiences, and attributes that define Colorado State University. ... Graphics/Logos/Fonts Other. Updated: December 5, 2016 In the absence of the University fonts identified above, Minion and Helvetica Neue are acceptable replacements. Recommended weights: Use the full range of Proxima Nova weights, depending on the application. Colorado State University Extension. Proxima Nova, a versatile typeface that can be used in everything from headlines to body copy. These fonts are primarily used for marketing purposes. Colorado State University is one of the nation’s top public research universities and an institution on the rise.