Incidentally, Lord Sumption, who served as a judge at the British supreme court from 2012 to 2018, had done the very same thing at the very same time and had come to the very same conclusion: that there was no factual basis for panic and no legal basis for the corona measures. There can be no talk of a second wave. The most important thing in a lawsuit is to establish the facts – that is, to find out what actually happened. Already then, during the swine flu, the German virologist Drosten was one of those who stirred up panic in the population, repeating over and over again that the swine flu would claim many hundreds of thousands, even millions of deaths all over the world. Based on the rules of civil tort law, this translates into intentional infliction of damage. George Russell's 2021 F1 Season is About Getting to Mercedes. There are at least four coronaviruses that are endemic and cause some of the common colds we experience, especially in winter. The accompanying irresponsible statements of the Head of the RKI – remember the [German] CDC – Mr. Wieler, who repeatedly and excitedly announced that the corona measures must be followed unconditionally by the population without them asking any question, shows that that he followed the script verbatim. Germany is better equipped to treat seriously ill patients, with 28,000 intensive care beds, while in Italy there are only 5,000. The sociologist Prof. Dr. Sabine Maasen is switching to Universität Hamburg for a professorship newly created within the context of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments. Non-urgent operations are being postponed and hospital staff from other areas are being trained to care for COVID-19 patients. A study published by the University of Hamburg in June found that 71-74% of people in Europe and the US would need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity -- … Enjoy our heated outdoor pool and warm up on the patio by the fire pit. This is evident in some regions in Italy, where doctors reported that they've had to decide which patients with the best chance of recovery can be put on a ventilator and who is left to die. Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency after 21 new cases of the coronavirus were confirmed in New York state.. This has now become reality, but the paper’s author was suspended. He and his co-authors, all well-known scientists, published a scientific paper in September of 2020 and he wrote a corresponding magazine article on September 20, 2020. The area around the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, is virtually deserted as people observe coronavirus restrictions on March 27, 2020. These vaccines also led to serious health problems. Crimes against humanity are today regulated in section 7 of the International Criminal Code. They have provided all relevant information and forms for German plaintiffs to both estimate how much damage they have suffered and join the group or class of plaintiffs who will later join the class action when it goes forward either in Canada or the US. We know this because a whistleblower named David Sieber, a member of the Green Party, told us about it. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) is asking everyone, to include day hikers, to stay off the trail. Because of the complete unsuitability of the test for the detection of infectious diseases – tested positive in goats, sheep, papayas and even chicken wings – Oxford Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, writes that the Covid virus would never disappear if this test practice were to be continued, but would always be falsely detected in much of what is tested. The man who unfortunately went on “amok” mode carrying a scyth was an isolated incident. The median age of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Germany is 45, versus 63 in Italy. These are the people that should be investiGATEd (you cannot investigate a country). They assumed – and still do assume – that there was no disease that went beyond the gravity of the seasonal flu, that the population had already acquired cross- or T-cell immunity against this allegedly new virus, and that there was therefore no reason for any special measures, and certainly not for vaccinations. Germany's low coronavirus death rate 06:55. Cholera killed thousands in Hamburg, but in its aftermath, the working class was given new life. A court of law can only decide a legal dispute correctly if it has previously determined the facts correctly, which is not possible without looking at all the evidence. But with your help, we can sustain the task of informing the world with reliable information and objective analyses, while your own family enjoys healthcare freedom that they deserve. They are not all from the same country, but they do control most things (education systems, tech, mass media, most people, most politicians/governments, large corporations, etc) in most countries through various networks, pyramid schemes, blackmail, money, foundations, grants, propaganda, etc….all of the above. Funeral directors and EMT's are also included in this first round, including Pearl Omphalius, who shared her experience with 2 On Your Side's Danielle Church after receiving the vaccine Thursday morning. The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has warned anyone who violates the country’s coronavirus lockdown measures could be shot. And that is because the body’s own immune system remembers every virus it has ever battled in the past, and from this experience, it also recognizes a supposedly new, but still similar, strain of the virus from the corona family. He had therefore undertaken an effort to find out about other scientists’ opinions and had found them on the Internet. Berlin — Compared to other countries, the number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus in Germany has been surprisingly low. John, Paul, George and Ringo once recorded here before they hit the big time. Instead, they’re simply incapable of diagnosing any disease. Until then, it is completely harmless for both the host and all other people that the host comes into contact with. Until then, a pandemic was considered to be a disease that spread worldwide and which led to many serious illnesses and deaths. These scandalous corona facts, gathered mostly by the Corona Committee and summarized above, are the very same facts that will soon be proven to be true either in one court of law, or in many courts of law all over the world. In this Perspective, we reflect on a decade of research on the protein corona and contemplate its broad implications for future science and engineering at the bio–nano interface. Very recently, a judge, Thorsten Schleif is his name, declared publicly that the German judiciary, just like the general public, has been so panic-stricken that it was no longer able to administer justice properly. Then, the so-called “Panic Paper” was leaked, which was written by the German Department of the Interior. The evidence “higher up” is too speculative. Under the rules of civil tort law, all those who have been harmed by these PCR-test-induced lockdowns are entitled to receive full compensation for their losses. But, some other people, whom one would not necessarily expect to be present at such a gathering, were also there: Professor Drosten, virologist from the Charite hospital in Berlin; Professor Wieler, veterinarian and Head of the RKI, the German equivalent of the CDC; as well as Mr. Tedros, philosopher and Head of the World Health Organization (WHO). The German Corona Investigative Committee has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020. In addition, a flu vaccination, which had previously been administered, had further weakened the immune systems of the people in the nursing homes. Incidentally, that’s how the PCR test for the detection of an infection was invented by now infamous Professor Drosten. The later beginning to the outbreak in Germany, as well as the early testing, gave hospitals in the country time to ramp up capacity. The Virus was created by china. The US informed NATO and Israel but not China. These scientists include Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University in California, a specialist in statistics and epidemiology, as well as public health, and at the same time the most quoted scientist in the world; Professor Michael Levitt, Nobel prize-winner for chemistry and also a biophysicist at Stanford University; the German professors Kary Mölling, Sucharit Bhakti, Klud Wittkowski, as well as Stefan Homburg; and now many, many more scientists and doctors worldwide, including Dr. Mike Yeadon. How can we do something? However, there are reports of yard congestion for reefer containers and … But the anti-corona measures, whose only basis are the PCR-test results, which are in turn all based on the German Drosten test, have, in the meantime, caused the loss of innumerable human lives and have destroyed the economic existence of countless companies and individuals worldwide. Apart from the above mentioned lockdown being imposed when the infection rates were already dropping, there is also cross- or T-cell immunity in the general population against the corona viruses contained in every flu or influenza wave. Here’s the proof…. This Committee was founded on July 10, 2020 by four lawyers in order to determine, through hearing expert testimony of international scientists and other experts: Let me start with a little bit of background information. You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good. There are governments, armies, agencies, etc, but they are not controlled by countries. PRINCESS EUGENIE's mother-in-law and father-in-law have been diagnosed with coronavirus with George Brooksbank, 71, understood to have been placed in intensive care. If this happens, all affected parties worldwide will be informed about this through publications in the mainstream media and will thus have the opportunity to join this class action within a certain period of time, to be determined by the court. Januar 2021 wieder. Trump pushes baseless voter fraud claims at Georgia rally, "The pressure's on": Senate majority comes down to today's Georgia runoffs, FDA considers cutting vaccine doses to stretch supply. With regard to the now infamous Imperial College of London’s Professor Neil Ferguson and his completely false computer models warning of millions of deaths, he says that – and I quote: “No serious scientist gives any validity to Ferguson’s model.” He points out with thinly veiled contempt – again I quote: “It’s important that you know, most scientists don’t accept that it …” – that is, Ferguson’s model – “was even faintly right. Photo by PATRIK STOLLARZ / AFP/Getty Images Is the royal family in danger? Then, he sent the result of his computer tinkering to China to determine whether the victims of the alleged new coronavirus tested positive. Wearing a face mask for an extended period of time may be uncomfortable, but it will not inhibit your breathing. Proud Boys leader arrested in Washington, D.C. Pharmacist allegedly had false belief vaccine would change DNA, "Yet the president persists": Georgia election official refutes Trump, U.K. orders strict lockdown as coronavirus variant surges, New York confirms case of fast-spreading COVID-19 variant, Where GOP senators stand on objecting to Electoral College votes. On the contrary, many hospitals remain empty to this day and some are now facing bankruptcy. More and more scientists, but also lawyers, recognize that, as a result of the deliberate panic-mongering, and the corona measures enabled by this panic, democracy is in great danger of being replaced by fascist totalitarian models. They subsequently, the Green Party leadership called David Sieber a conspiracy theorist, without ever having considered the content of his information, and then stripped him of his mandates. Or is he deliberately concealing this in the corona context because corona is a very lucrative business opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole? The statistics of individual countries can only be compared to a certain extent, and the simple division of the number of deaths by the number of reported cases is not a very reliable method, according to Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit, professor of virology at the University of Hamburg. There have been snow flurries in April, and the yearned-for arrival of green in the landscape has … We play a critical role in providing our guests across the country with essential goods as they manage the impact of the coronavirus—from food and medicine to supplies for working remotely and distance learning—all with health and safety as our top priority. In an outrageous violation of the universally accepted principle “audiatur et altera pars”, which means that one must also hear the other side, the only person they listened to was Mr. Drosten. This is an illusion. The most difficult part of a lawyer’s work is always to establish the true facts, not the application of the legal rules to these facts. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is one of the top trial lawyers in Germany and is one of four members in a group of lawyers who has investigated and is prosecuting global officials on the pretense that COVID 19 is a deliberate crime against humanity. Here, the common questions of law and fact revolve around the worldwide PCR-test-based lockdowns and its consequences. ... while their European counterparts are piling up goods in pan-European distribution hubs close to ports like Hamburg or Rotterdam. Can that be because of the desire to produce as many positive results as possible and thereby provide the basis for the false assumption that a large number of infections have been detected? And they all knew and accepted that, on the basis of their recommendations, the governments of the world would decide on lockdowns, the rules for social distancing, and mandatory wearing of masks, the latter representing a very serious health hazard, as more and more independent studies and expert statements show. But the real cases of illnesses are over. And – this must also be emphasized once again – Germany apparently became the center of especially massive lobbying by the pharmaceutical and tech industry because the world, with reference to the allegedly disciplined Germans, should do as the Germans do in order to survive the pandemic. For this, he used an old SARS virus, hoping it would be sufficiently similar to the allegedly new strain of the coronavirus found in Wuhan. Face masks do not cause oxygen deficiency or carbon dioxide intoxication, WHO explains. Very probable because the White House was informed of a cataclysmic outbreak of disease in Wuhan in November 2019 by the CIA. Now let’s take a look at the current actual situation regarding the severe damage caused by the lockdowns and other measures. The same was found by US scientists concerning the different US states. But instead of taking note of these other opinions and discussing them with David Sieber, the Green Party leadership declared that Mr. Drosten’s panic messages were good enough for the Green Party. Only the positive results rise and sink wildly again and again, depending on how many tests are carried out. Nowhere was there any excess mortality. These infections, or rather the positive test results that the PCR tests delivered, in turn became the justification for worldwide lockdowns, social distancing and mandatory face masks. And what happened 12 years earlier with the swine flu, which many of you may have forgotten about? In the Philippines, they run the risk of getting shot, but even in Germany and in other previously civilized countries, children are taken away from their parents if they do not comply with quarantine regulations, distance regulations, and mask-wearing regulations. Messrs. Drosten, Wieler and Tedros of the WHO all knew, based on their own expertise or the expertise of their institutions, that the PCR tests cannot provide any information about infections, but asserted over and over again to the general public that they can, with their counterparts all over the world repeating this. However, as autopsies have shown, which were carried out in Germany in particular, by the forensic scientist Professor Klaus Püschel in Hamburg, the fatalities he examined had almost all been caused by serious pre-existing conditions, and almost all of the people who had died at the very at a very old age, just like in Italy, meaning they had lived beyond their average life expectancy. The PCR swabs take one or two sequences of a molecule that are invisible to the human eye and therefore need to be amplified in many cycles to make it visible. He says that the courts of law – and I quote – “have all too quickly waved through coercive measures which, for millions of people all over Germany, represent massive suspensions of their constitutional rights. Suddenly, and for reasons never explained, it was supposed to be a worldwide disease only. This, he concludes, will lead to very high claims for damages, which the government will be held responsible for. A white police officer Derek Chauvin was seen to habe knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes while he was lying face down handcuffed on the street. All rights reserved. There, he realized that there were a number of highly renowned scientists who held a completely different opinion, which contradicted the horrific prognoses of Mr. Drosten. And they also provide them with all relevant information as to how they can prepare and bundle the claims for damages of their clients so that, they too, can assert their clients’ claims for damages, either in their home country’s courts of law, or within the framework of the class action, as explained above. The advantage of the class action is that only one trial is needed, namely to try the complaint of a representative plaintiff who is affected in a manner typical of everyone else in the class. The recently ... including former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg and Tara O’Toole and Thomas Inglesby of the UPMC Center for Biosecurity. What is the significance of a positive PCR test? According to psychologists and psychotherapists who testified before the Corona Committee, children are traumatized en masse, with the worst psychological consequences yet to be expected in the medium- and long-term. They all have a striking sequence similarity to the coronavirus, and because the human immune system recognizes the similarity to the virus that has now allegedly been newly discovered, a T-cell immunity has long existed in this respect. He did so first on August 29, 2020 in Berlin, in the context of an event at which Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. also took part, and at which both men gave speeches. In 2021, the American working class might seize their moment, too. Among other things, he and they state – and I quote: “We’re basing our government policy, our economic policy, and the policy of restricting fundamental rights, presumably on completely wrong data and assumptions about the coronavirus. In particular, there is a duty to compensate – that is, a duty to pay damages for the loss of profits suffered by companies and self-employed employed persons as a result of the lockdown and other measures. In Germany alone, to bankruptcies are expected in the fall to strike small- and medium-sized businesses, which form the backbone of the economy. A number of German law professors, including professors Kingreen, Morswig, Jungbluth and Vosgerau have stated, either in written expert opinions or in interviews, in line with the serious doubts expressed by the former president of the federal constitutional court with respect to the constitutionality of the corona measures, that these measures – the corona measures – are without a sufficient factual basis, and also without a sufficient legal basis, and are therefore unconstitutional and must be repealed immediately. Buchen Sie Hamburg im British style – The George Hotel-Zimmer einfach & sicher direkt beim Anbieter mit Bestpreis-Garantie online buchen. Due to this change, the WHO, which is closely intertwined with the global pharmaceutical industry, was able to declare the swine flu pandemic in 2009, with the result that vaccines were produced and sold worldwide on the basis of contracts that have been kept secret until today. The officials and authorities who were confronted acted in self defence. It's remarkable when compared to the grim numbers in Italy or Spain. The German professor of civil law, Martin Schwab, supports this finding in public interviews. It’s like saying one sports team plays against the other (or one political party against the other), but the teams have players who are controlled by managers, & managers who are controlled by owners, & owners who collude with one another, etc. Hello. That is: contrary to the assertions of Drosten, Wieler and the WHO, which they have been making since the proclamation of the pandemic, a positive PCR-test result does not mean that an infection is present. Its classified content shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that, in fact, the population was deliberately driven to panic by politicians and mainstream media. In the end, it was mainly thanks to Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and his efforts as a member of the German Bundestag, and also a member of the Council of Europe, that this hoax was brought to an end before it would lead to even more serious consequences. Now it's a hostel, a bar, a morning café, an art house and a favourite neighbourhood hangout. On the basis of the facts summarized above, in particular those established with the help of the work of the German Corona Committee, the legal evaluation is actually simple. She will serve as the academic director of the Transfer Agency that is currently being set up. Target's coronavirus response. Wells’ Dystopic Vision Comes Alive With the Great Reset Agenda, No, Joe, Don’t Roll out the Red Carpet for Torture Enablers, All that is Solid Mutates into Air: Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, RCEP: World’s Biggest Trade Deal Signed While Deep State Brings U.S. Closer to Civil War, Winter Solstice marks the Dawn of a New Age, Time to Update our Calendar System, Bush Funeral Service Foreshadows A Series of Radical Events, UK Parliamentarians, the British Press and Julian Assange, If COVID19 Forces Us to Work from Home, Fintech Will Be Used to Monitor Online Activity by Law, Big-Picture Look at Current Pandemic Beneficiaries Accepted by Peer-Reviewed Journal, Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs and US Deep State. What can we do? I’m also one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Spring has been slow to come to Upstate New York. You sir are my hero! Let me first give you a summary of the facts as they present themselves today. The authors explain that what the PCR test actually measures is – and I quote: “Simply the presence of partial RNA sequences present in the intact virus, which could be a piece of dead virus, which cannot make the subject sick, and cannot be transmitted, and cannot make anyone else sick.”. In New York, only some, but by far not all hospitals were overwhelmed. 🥂 Wir wünschen EUCH allen einen gesunden und entspannten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2021! Studies carried out by Professor Ioannidis and others have shown that the mortality of corona is equivalent to that of the seasonal flu. That is the very person whose horrific, panic-inducing prognoses had proved to be catastrophically false 12 years earlier. This corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a “Corona Scandal” and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages. Dr. Fuellmich released a video on October 3, 2020, that has over 1.3 million views despite being censored by YouTube. HAMBURG, N.Y. — Nursing homes and healthcare workers were some of the first to get vaccinated for COVID-19 in New York State. I am from the Philippines and no such incident ever occurred. It's unclear what Germany's postmortem testing process is. In the meantime, however, the anti-corona measures have caused, and continue to cause, such devastating damage to the world population’s health and economy that the crimes committed by Messrs. Drosten, Wieler and the WHO must be legally qualified as actual crimes against humanity, as defined in section 7 of the International Criminal Code. There, many of them fell victim to healthcare-associated infections (or nosocomial infections) on the one hand, and incidents of malpractice on the other hand, for example, by being put on a respirator rather than receiving oxygen through an oxygen mask. The idea of “country” is one of the many layers that they hide behind. If someone tests positive, it does NOT mean that they’re infected with anything, let alone with the contagious SARS-COV-2 virus. This could also explain the explosion of case numbers in Saudi Arabia. Rather, a “hot” infection requires that the virus penetrates into the cells, replicates there and causes symptoms such as headaches or a sore throat. Is it true that the German government was massively lobbied, more so than any other country, by the chief protagonists of this so-called corona pandemic, Mr. Drosten, virologist at charity hospital in Berlin; Mr. Wieler, veterinarian and head of the German equivalent of the CDC, the RKI; and Mr. Tedros, Head of the World Health Organization or WHO; because Germany is known as a particularly disciplined country and was therefore to become a role model for the rest of the world for its strict and, of course, successful adherence to the corona measures? Clarification: An earlier version of this story included a quote World Health Organization that has since been removed. Januar 2021 in der Winterpause und sehen uns am 4. Vessel and terminal operations in the Greater China Area continue to operate normally and custom houses are open. They are interesting points that should be considered. Berlin in Denial Mode. Nivea tins are seen in a production line at the plant of German personal-care company Beiersdorf in Hamburg, Germany March 3, 2017. Therefore, it is sufficient for the so-called herd immunity that 15 to 25 per cent of the population are infected with the allegedly new coronavirus to stop the further spread of the virus. Airbus is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus situation and following the World Health Organisation travel advice that is affecting Airbus globally. Learn the Tricks of the Trade & Set Yourself Free, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – The Vatican’s Central Bank, The UCC Connection to Our Slavery & How to Access Our Strawman Account, How the Cabal Maintains Their Power & How to Defeat Them, JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick, The Protocols of Zion is Derived from the Jewish Talmud, But never Semitic, Israel’s Secretive Nuclear Facility Leaking as Watchdog Finds Israel Has Nearly 100 Nukes, Deep State Nazionists Establishing A Parallel State for Ratline 2.0, Corporate Power and Expansive U.S. Military Policy | Prof. Gaffney, Covert War Between Russia and Khazarian Jewry, Technocracy: An Artificial Intelligence Driven Dictatorship, The True Purpose of U.N. Well, the class action is the best route to compensatory damages and to political consequences. Lockdowns, as Yeadon and his colleagues found out, do not work. As RKI's research data shows, many mild cases were detected from the beginning and included in Germany's statistics, hence the mortality rate fell proportionally. This paper comes to the conclusion that there was that there was and is no sufficient evidence for serious health risks for the population as claimed by Drosten, Wieler and the WHO, but – the author says –  there’s very much evidence of the corona measures causing gigantic health and economic damage to the population, which he then describes in detail in this paper. Updated on: March 28, 2020 / 2:31 PM Only then is a person really infected in the sense of a “hot” infection, because only then is a person contagious, that is, able to infect others. An infection, a so-called “hot” infection, requires that the virus, or rather a fragment of a molecule which may be a virus, is not just found somewhere, for example, in the throat of a person without causing any damage – that would be a “cold” infection. However, more people who are currently ill could die in the coming days or weeks. In order to contain the corona pandemic, federal and state governments have intervened, he says, massively, and in part threatening the very existence of the country as it is guaranteed by the constitutional rights of the people. There, at the nursing homes, they then infected old people with a severely weakened immune system, usually as a result of pre-existing medical conditions. The German Corona Investigative Committee has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020. This is true, even if this time around, a slightly different strain of the coronavirus was at work. Hamburg Borough Watershed – 10 miles of the A.T. Closed to Overnight Use and Parking The Hamburg Reservoir parking lot and public access to A.T. are open to public daily from dawn to dusk.