As Lauterbach pointed out, it is far too early to calculate the death rate accurately as the outbreak is still at an early stage and the disease has not yet progressed far in the vast majority of people. The facts laid out below are, to a large extent, the result of the work of the Corona Investigative Committee. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”. Specifically, does a positive PCR-test result mean that the person tested is infected with Covid-19, or does it mean absolutely nothing in connection with the Covid-19 infection? I hope the writer of this article checked his facts or where it is coming from. Proud Boys leader arrested in Washington, D.C. Pharmacist allegedly had false belief vaccine would change DNA, "Yet the president persists": Georgia election official refutes Trump, U.K. orders strict lockdown as coronavirus variant surges, New York confirms case of fast-spreading COVID-19 variant, Where GOP senators stand on objecting to Electoral College votes. At the end of March, beginning of April of 2020, Mr. Sieber turned to the leadership of his Green Party with the knowledge he had accumulated, and suggested that they present these other scientific opinions to the public and explain that, contrary to Mr. Drosten’s doomsday prophecies, there was no reason for the public to panic. iStock. Did they release the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan? We’re suing them in a multi-million-dollar bribery case. In an outrageous violation of the universally accepted principle “audiatur et altera pars”, which means that one must also hear the other side, the only person they listened to was Mr. Drosten. The idea of “country” is one of the many layers that they hide behind. An infection, a so-called “hot” infection, requires that the virus, or rather a fragment of a molecule which may be a virus, is not just found somewhere, for example, in the throat of a person without causing any damage – that would be a “cold” infection. © 2011-2021 Copyright Covert Geopolitics - an online publication of eClinik Learning. The class action suit worldwide should be taken against the Country which created the Covid-19 virus, not against “Messrs. Can that be because of the desire to produce as many positive results as possible and thereby provide the basis for the false assumption that a large number of infections have been detected? Until then, it is completely harmless for both the host and all other people that the host comes into contact with. In a comprehensive legal opinion of around 180 pages, he has familiarized himself with the subject matter like no other legal scholar has done thus far and, in particular, has provided a detailed account of the complete failure of the mainstream media to report on the true facts of this so-called pandemic. The three major questions to be answered in the context of a judicial approach to the corona scandal are: Answers to these three questions are urgently needed because the allegedly new and highly dangerous coronavirus has not caused any excess mortality anywhere in the world, and certainly not here in Germany. RKI president Lothar Wieler emphasized that Germany is still at the beginning of the pandemic. My point is that it is not as simple as a US vs. China thing, or vis a versa. It is a brazen lie that people in the Philippines who are not wearing masks properly are shot in the head. The teams are essentially the same (non-existent) if you take away the branding…the uniforms, the flags, the hoo-ha, etc. These scandalous corona facts, gathered mostly by the Corona Committee and summarized above, are the very same facts that will soon be proven to be true either in one court of law, or in many courts of law all over the world. That failed because China ordered a lockdown, isolated the virus and defeated it. The most difficult part of a lawyer’s work is always to establish the true facts, not the application of the legal rules to these facts. In the meantime, we know that the health care systems were never in danger of becoming overwhelmed by Covid-19. There was a real wave of disease in March and April, but since then, everything has gone back to normal. Hamburg's elegant lifestyle and design hotel offers a bird's eye view of the city. There, many of them fell victim to healthcare-associated infections (or nosocomial infections) on the one hand, and incidents of malpractice on the other hand, for example, by being put on a respirator rather than receiving oxygen through an oxygen mask. Related Podcast The vaccines bought with millions of taxpayers’ money had to be destroyed with even more taxpayers’ money. And that’s why the law of evidence is so important. These vaccines proved to be completely unnecessary because the swine flu eventually turned out to be a mild flu, and never became the horrific plague that the pharmaceutical industry and its affiliated universities kept announcing it would turn into, with millions of deaths certain to happen if people didn’t get vaccinated. They all gave speeches there. Everything over 35 cycles is – as reported by the New York Times and others – considered completely unreliable and scientifically unjustifiable. The so-called class action lawsuit is based on English law and exists today in the USA and in Canada. An unrest greeted America amidst the corona virus outbreak On May 25, 2020 when George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On the contrary, many hospitals remain empty to this day and some are now facing bankruptcy. On the basis of the facts summarized above, in particular those established with the help of the work of the German Corona Committee, the legal evaluation is actually simple. Because the US intended to destroy China during the festive season in January 2020 during the Chinese New Year celebrations. It’s like saying one sports team plays against the other (or one political party against the other), but the teams have players who are controlled by managers, & managers who are controlled by owners, & owners who collude with one another, etc. The area around the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, is virtually deserted as people observe coronavirus restrictions on March 27, 2020. Angela Merkel was there, and the German Secretary of Health, Jens Spahn. 🥂 Wir wünschen EUCH allen einen gesunden und entspannten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2021! Clarification: An earlier version of this story included a quote World Health Organization that has since been removed. I’m not saying what you wrote is wrong. The sociologist Prof. Dr. Sabine Maasen is switching to Universität Hamburg for a professorship newly created within the context of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments. Philippine police reportedly killed a man for disobeying President Rodrigo Duterte’s strict quarantine rules. They subsequently, the Green Party leadership called David Sieber a conspiracy theorist, without ever having considered the content of his information, and then stripped him of his mandates. Januar 2021 wieder. And – this must also be emphasized once again – Germany apparently became the center of especially massive lobbying by the pharmaceutical and tech industry because the world, with reference to the allegedly disciplined Germans, should do as the Germans do in order to survive the pandemic. C. And this is the most important part of our fact-finding: the PCR test is being used on the basis of false statements, NOT based on scientific facts with respect to infections. But with your help, we can sustain the task of informing the world with reliable information and objective analyses, while your own family enjoys healthcare freedom that they deserve. But the anti-corona measures, whose only basis are the PCR-test results, which are in turn all based on the German Drosten test, have, in the meantime, caused the loss of innumerable human lives and have destroyed the economic existence of countless companies and individuals worldwide. In this Perspective, we reflect on a decade of research on the protein corona and contemplate its broad implications for future science and engineering at the bio–nano interface. Has Obama Lost Control Of the Philippines? Photo by PATRIK STOLLARZ / AFP/Getty Images Is the royal family in danger? (source) 05/01: They are still asking everyone to include day hikers to stay off the trail (source). Coronavirus: Deserted places in America, Italy, China and more, Saudi Arabia ending its role in Qatar blockade, easing Gulf crisis, Indonesia vaccinating working adults before elderly, Study identifies 6 different "types" of COVID-19, Another new variant of COVID is spreading rapidly in South Africa, Italian priest dies of coronavirus after giving up his ventilator to help others, Italian hospital turning scuba masks into ventilators as supplies run low, California Privacy/Information We Collect. 15,873,246 hits | Thank you for flying with us. Fourthly, as a rule it allows a much more precise examination of the accusations than would be possible in the context of hundreds of thousands, or more likely in this corona setting, even millions of individual lawsuits. The evidence “higher up” is too speculative. Professor Karl Lauterbach, an epidemiologist and member of the German parliament, told CBS News that we will only be able to determine how deadly the SARS-CoV-2 virus really is, and how the death rates differ from country to country, some time after the pandemic. / CBS News. Virologist Christian Drosten, who developed the first coronavirus test available in Germany, told various news outlets that the country recognized its outbreak early and therefore gained time to enact measures to help "flatten the curve" and prepare the health care system for a growing number of seriously ill patients. On a political level, everything must be done to make sure that no one will ever again be in a position of such power as to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas. Enjoy our heated outdoor pool and warm up on the patio by the fire pit. Airbus is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus situation and following the World Health Organisation travel advice that is affecting Airbus globally. Why CIA Created the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines. Now let’s take a look at the current actual situation regarding the severe damage caused by the lockdowns and other measures. Even the pictures from Bergamo and New York that were used to demonstrate to the world that panic was in order proved to be deliberately misleading. And there are numerous credible reports that doctors and hospitals worldwide had been paid money for declaring a deceased person a victim of Covid-19 rather than writing down the true cause of death on the death certificate, for example a heart attack or a gunshot wound. The Situation is So Intense, it Involves the Entire US Government | FBI Insider, The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear,,, Assange Discharged on Grounds of Suicide Risk if Rendered to U.S. Find more about how we can help each other from our healthcare site. The hospital ship Comfort, which anchored in New York at the time, and could have accommodated a thousand patients, never accommodated more than some 20 patients. The President may have said that violators of quarantine rules COULD be shot, but not a matter of policy.. Here’s the proof…. A court of law can only decide a legal dispute correctly if it has previously determined the facts correctly, which is not possible without looking at all the evidence. A white police officer Derek Chauvin was seen to habe knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes while he was lying face down handcuffed on the street. You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good. According to psychologists and psychotherapists who testified before the Corona Committee, children are traumatized en masse, with the worst psychological consequences yet to be expected in the medium- and long-term. Still, that was enough for them, just as it had been good enough for the Federal Government as a basis for its lockdown decision, they said. Affected parties should consider whether their contracts make provision for force majeure clauses and whether the outbreak falls within the protection offered by the relevant clause. With regard to the now infamous Imperial College of London’s Professor Neil Ferguson and his completely false computer models warning of millions of deaths, he says that – and I quote: “No serious scientist gives any validity to Ferguson’s model.” He points out with thinly veiled contempt – again I quote: “It’s important that you know, most scientists don’t accept that it …” – that is, Ferguson’s model – “was even faintly right.