3. Download the Terms and Conditions template by clicking here, you'll want Terms and Conditions for your store, Download the Terms & Conditions Template as a PDF file, download the Terms & Conditions Template as a DOCX file, download this Terms & Conditions Template as a Google Document. Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt, with a 2% discount available if your payment is remitted within ten (10) days of receipt. By accessing, the KAYAK website, mobile or tablet application, or any other feature or other KAYAK platform (collectively "Our Website") you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions ("Terms") and our Privacy Policy. For example, with a term of 2% 10 Net 30, the buyer may deduct 2% from the invoice price if they pay by day 10. They include payment terms, which specify whether or not open credit is to be part of the sales transaction, the length of time for which credit is to be granted and other features such as discounts. Company Name or Letterhead Address City, State Zip. Select the Date Condition radio button … View our library of free templates. Can users send you copyright infringement notices? This exact language is used across multiple industries, businesses, and apps in order to legally disclaim warranties and limit liability. Terms and conditions are legally binding and can therefore act to prevent users of your service from abusing or misusing that service. The content you provide users will likely be yours and you will want to protect that content from theft or misuse. Title 6.1 Legal and beneficial ownership of the Goods will not pass to the Customer until such time as the Goods have been paid in full in cash or cleared funds. You're also able to maintain the right to terminate abusive accounts, disclaim warranties and limit your liability. Here is a list of frequently asked questions that you may find useful. Examples of Terms and Conditions. General Terms & Conditions: All offer codes are applied to the value of the order, excluding delivery costs and are subject to our general Terms and Conditions. For example, a 1% discount on a $1,000 invoice equals $10. TERMS AND CONDITIONS "We" are Medichecks.com Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 06491221 and with our registered office at Mathon Court, West Malvern Road, Mathon, Malvern, Worcestershire WR13 5NZ. Net monthly account: Payment due … A Terms and Conditions agreement (also known as a Terms of Use or Terms of Service agreement) is a legally enforceable agreement that lays out the rules users must abide by in order to use a website, mobile app, or service. It sets out the basis on which a user purchases goods, services and/or digital content from a website and can be modified to take account of numerous issues including: consumer and business customers; goods, services and digital content sales; dispute resolution; cancellation rights and consequences. If you sell products or services, you could cancel specific orders if a product price is incorrect. Use the Terms and Conditions Generator to create the Terms & Conditions agreement. To redeem a voucher on any discount or offer leaflet, just hand in the leaflet at the organisation or business where you want to use the voucher at the point of sale. A photocopy or other type of copy of the original leaflet will not be accepted unless printed from the website. Download 316.17 KB #14. This Terms and Conditions template is free to download and use for your website or mobile app. To make your Terms & Conditions agreement enforceable, place an un-ticked checkbox next to a link to your agreement and a statement that says something along the lines of, "By checking this box, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions agreement.". What to include in a Terms and Conditions. Terms & Conditions Read these Terms and Conditions very carefully:As a participant in the AT&T Employee Discount Program (EDP) you are subject to all of the following Terms and Conditions. Common Invoice Payment Terms. Some clauses are specific to certain types of businesses and won't be found in all Terms and Conditions agreements. Terms and conditions … Because the content created by users is public to other users, a DMCA notice clause (or Copyright Infringement ) section is helpful to inform users and copyright authors that, if any content is found to be a copyright infringement, you will respond to any DMCA takedown notices received and you will take down the content. Download 15.30 KB #15. Customers can file a lawsuit if they're able to prov… This list explains the payment terms most commonly used on invoices. In the Terms and Conditions of Spotify above, the "User Guidelines" section highlights a number of restricted user actions, including forbidding a user from: Download the Terms & Conditions Template as a PDF file or download the Terms & Conditions Template as a DOCX file. None of us likes small print, but these conditions are here to assist you in the use of any vouchers as well as setting the parameters within which the offers are made. You must comply with this set of terms and conditions, as well as the terms on each voucher to be able to redeem the voucher. 1.1. A voucher is redeemable in its entirety only and may not be redeemed incrementally. These standard terms and conditions are as follows: The Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership is committed to respecting and protecting your online privacy. Essentially, the supplier is paying 2% of the invoice value for accelerating payment by 20 days. If you continue to use our site without changing your browser settings, we'll assume you are happy to receive cookies. Any conditions on that payment; Any discounts the buyer will receive; Payment terms can apply to any party in the sale, from the wholesaler to the individual consumer. 1. Both template formats can be easily added to the HTML of your site. Having this agreement in place will help you: Let's look at an example: the Limitation of Liability of Your Products clause. One voucher per person. Please note that special terms & conditions may apply for key seasonal dates. The offer code must be entered in to the Voucher Code field on the basket page and applied for the discount to be deducted from the order. Terms and Conditions agreements act as a legal contract between you (the company) who has the website or mobile app and the user who access your website and mobile app. goods or services are known as terms and conditions of sale. This Quotation ("Quotation"), including all of the terms and provisions set forth on both sides hereof, constitutes the entire agreement between Buyer, as identified on the front side hereof, and EAGLE PRESS & EQUIPMENT CO. LTD. ("Company"). Please read our cookie policy for more information and to learn how to opt-out of cookies on this website. The voucher you are redeeming will be removed from the leaflet or otherwise annulled and the leaflet will be handed back to you. For example, you may get a lot of questions asking how you handle user-generated content rights, or how a user can shut down an account. See examples from real businesses. Download 20.61 KB #13. Terms and Conditions of Use (Coupons) 1. The Terms of Instagram are placed in the footer of Instagram's website: Here's how Instagram places links to its Terms and Privacy information when users create a new account: Below is an example of the Spotify Terms and Conditions Table of Contents. The "Content" clause usually mentions that users must give you (the website or mobile app developer) a license so that you can share this content on your website/mobile app and to make it available to other users. Some of the sample terms and conditions which can be incorporated into your retail invoice are- All products returned for refund/replacement or extended on credit must be returned in “saleable” condition with original packing. Date Condition. Apple iTunes, which probably isn't dealing with high-liability goods, includes the following boilerplate language in its Terms agreement to deal with limiting liability and disclaiming warranties. Include the words "AS IS" for items and "AS AVAILABLE" if you provide any sort of service that may not be available 100% of the time. If the invoice is paid within the discount terms ― such as 10 days ― the customer would pay $990 ― $1,000 less $10. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. My Discounts- Discounts,coupons,cashbacks,promocodes,offers, in its sole discretion, has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Program, or any other My Discounts- Discounts,coupons,cashbacks,promocodes,offers service, for any reason at any time. If your website or mobile app allows users to create content and make that content public to other users, a Content section will inform users that they own the rights to the content they have created. Adding a link to times when a user is interacting with you in a more specific way, such as when creating an account or placing an order, helps remind the user about your Terms and Conditions agreement at that important time. Here's how The Guardian is placing the link to its Terms and Conditions … Example 1: Sample Letter for New Rates/Price/Terms. Shipping is not included. The terms and conditions set out below apply to the provision to you by ValueYou of the Discount Card and gift vouchers and the use by you of your Discount Card and gift vouchers. Our Terms and Conditions template will get you started with creating your own custom Terms and Conditions agreement. Construction Estimate Terms and Conditions Sample . You'll be able to instantly access and download your new agreement. Invoice payment terms. Information on how to participate forms part of these Terms & Conditions. Gratuity is not included. Download 74.00 KB #19. You've probably noticed that these clauses in contracts are always in blocks of all-caps text and really do stand out from the rest of the document. The Guardian. Select the condition you want to add to the discount. 1.3. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly set forth our terms and conditions for maintaining an open account with our firm. How do I record an early payment discount in QuickBooks? Website Privacy & Cookie Policy Accept. Expand the component below to view our standard terms and conditions template in its entirety, or click the button to download the sample in Microsoft Word and PDF file formats. Just follow these steps: Enter your email address where you'd like your agreement sent and click "Generate.". Don’t forget to share this picture with others via Facebook, Twitter, … Help protect your website and its users with clear and fair website terms and conditions. You may also get bombarded with questions from users asking about things that would otherwise be included in your Terms and Conditions agreement. Late Charges; Interest. Risk and Insurance The inclusion of the Client's own conditions is herewith objected to, unless other terms have … Claimants must comply with these Terms & Conditions for a coupon to be valid. it connects with a server. Similarly, if users can register for an account and choose a username, you can inform users that they are not allowed to choose usernames that may infringe trademarks, i.e. Start a … A Terms and Conditions agreement is the agreement that includes the terms, the rules and the guidelines of acceptable behavior and other useful sections to which users must agree in order to use or access your website and mobile app. Owning your content. 2. These standard terms and conditions are as follows: To redeem a voucher on any discount or offer leaflet, just hand in the leaflet at the organisation or business where you want to use the voucher at the point of sale. The vouchers are not valid for commercial use. Our terms and conditions sample text is suitable for the following websites and platforms: Looking for a specific terms and conditions sample? 7. 9. If your website or app an ecommerce store? Where do I display my Terms and Conditions agreement? Clickwrap is when you make your users take some action - typically clicking something - to show they're agreeing. In general, almost every Terms and Conditions agreement should include the following clauses: The more complicated your website or business is, the more clauses you will end up having. In other words, these arrangements are the rules that govern the sales transaction. But as the owner of the app, you should have a way to actively end a relationship with a customer under certain circumstances. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. There are benefits for your users, as well. No laws require you to have one. These terms and conditions for a website set out key issues such as acceptable use, privacy, cookies, registration and passwords, intellectual property, links to other sites, termination and disclaimers of responsibility. Download the Terms and Conditions template by clicking here. Failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions will result in the loss of any discoun t and removal from participation in the program. Once you have received your Discount Card you signify your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions by using your Discount Card. Use of material appearing on the Guardian Site, Third party advertising on the Guardian Site, Changes to these terms and conditions of use, Governing law & jurisdiction (except for US users), Using the Spotify Service to import or copy and local files you do not have the legal right to import or copy in this way, Circumventing any territorial restrictions applied by Spotify or its licensors, Selling a user account or playlist, or otherwise accepting compensation, financial or otherwise, to influence the name of an account or playlist or the content included on an account or playlist. Can users create or publish content on your website or app? To record early payment discounts in QuickBooks, you need to complete three simple steps: First, create an early payment discount payment terms. A Terms and Conditions agreement is not legally required. After a user agrees to the Terms and Conditions, both the company and the user are in a position to enforce the terms of the agreement. The terms and conditions will lay out the guidelines of using your service, as well as what will happen if they do not follow your guidelines. Additional terms and conditions for each voucher (for example expiry date) are explicitly detailed on each voucher. Here are some sample terms and conditions. Apparel Group does not accept any responsibility or liability for lost, damaged, stolen or any unauthorized use of these cards. Without them, you aren't communicating when a payment is expected, as well as other conditions like your preferred payment method and any consequences of late payments. Terms and Conditions Sample Generator. No matter what kind of goods you sell, best practices direct you to present any warranties you are disclaiming and liabilities you are limiting in a way that your customers will notice. The company can do so by refusing their service to customers who fail to comply with the agreement. If you run a business and it has a website, then it's a good idea to have a Terms and Conditions agreement (T&C) and display it online. What are the benefits of having a Terms and Conditions agreement? Download 50.00 KB #18. What Should the Website Terms and Conditions Cover? This voucher is valid until six months from the date of issuance. However, having a Terms and Conditions gives you the right to terminate the access of abusive users or to terminate the access to users who do not follow your rules and guidelines, as well as other desirable business benefits. For example, you won't need a clause about subscription payment terms if you don't offer paid subscriptions. Your "Termination" clause can inform users that their accounts would be terminated if they abuse your service. It's free. 1.2 The following terms and conditions apply to all sale and purchase transactions (“Transactions” or “Transaction”)) between Wieland Metals Singapore (Pte) Ltd (“Wieland”) and its customers unless expressly waived or modified. Is the content published by users available publicly? The voucher you are redeeming will be removed from the leaflet or otherwise annulled and the leaflet will be handed back to you. Mobile apps: iOS, Android or Windows phone, At Step 1, select the Website option and click ", User guidelines (rules, restrictions, requirements), Dictate how different aspects of transactions will be handled, Inform users about your shipping policies, Inform users about your returns and refunds policies. Adding a link to your website footer or within your app menu makes your Terms and Conditions agreement available at any and all times. This document can be used to create the terms and conditions of sale for a website. It's free. But the agreement is lengthy and it has multiple clauses that are useful for The Guardian: The Terms and Conditions includes a short introduction that helps set the stage for the rest of the content. Restrictions on discounts that are not described above are described below. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. Your invoice payment terms and conditions can impact the number of days it takes you to get paid. Terms and Conditions are also known as Terms of Service or Terms of Use. One voucher per table. SurveyMonkey has included sections in their Terms of Use that outline what happens in the event of termination of service by either party. 2. Here's a list of questions that can help you determine what to add in your own Terms and Conditions: Before you publish the agreement online, make sure your Terms and Conditions includes important disclosures, such as: A Terms and Conditions is not required and it's not mandatory by law. 1.1 These Terms and Conditions of the company Reisenthel Accessoires GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as ”Seller”) shall apply to all contracts concluded between a consumer or an trader (hereinafter referred to as ”Client”) and the Seller relating to all goods and/or services presented in the online shop of the Seller. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your discount card merchant agreement form instantly with SignNow. Download 42.50 KB #21. By participating, claimants agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. Mobile apps are increasingly using Terms and Conditions along with an EULA if the mobile app has an online service component, i.e. What clauses should be in my Terms and Conditions agreement?