a capable sounding weapon that might fill the gap wrt the RN’s Sea Skua and the RAF’s ALARM requirement. Rather than operating multiple types of aircraft that are role specific capable of carrying multiple weapons that are mission specific we are moving towards a single type that is highly situational aware and carry’s a small range of weapons that can be pressed into multiple tasks. 4) (BTI) Old Timer 23OT. The British Army Air Corps is exploring options for upgrading its Apache capability, currently in a UK-specific AH1 configuration that carries Lockheed Martin AGM-114 Hellfires as its air-to-surface missile. picture back to the launch platform which remains below the radar horizon – so it can be manually guided onto a specific point like the mast or missile launch tubes. A Western Frigate for example will probably carry no more than 32 SAMs, if you throw something like Spear3 at it, this will soak up that small stock. British aircraft have been hitting Daesh targets in the Middle East with Brimstone air … SPEAR5 is the Tomahawk and MdeCN replacement. Would love see brimstone nlos Version to replace spike nlos. If anyone would come up with a solution, governments and manufacturers would pave the path to their home in gold. I would have thought such an attack would overwhelm the ship’s anti-aircraft capabilities and cripple her sufficiently that she would turn for home. if its… Read more ». Along the lines of a future Sea Skua which with an 80 mile range has the legs to allow the delivery aircraft to remain out of harms way. The Select Precision Effects At Range (SPEAR) Capability 3 is a future British air-to-ground and possibly anti-ship missile. © 2014-2021 UK Defence Journal, all rights reserved. Wiki has dual mode Brimstone II range at 60km rather than 60 miles. But then again it’s a pipe dream, they’ve gone with a multirole missile. Sorry my ipad battery died mid post http://www.deagel.com/Offensive-Weapons/Spear-3_a001110004.aspx This article mentions 60 mile range. 4.3 out of 5 stars 166. $95.00 $ 95. - Navy Recognition July 2014, Equipment of the Republic of Singapore Air Force, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, "High Performance Propulsion for Tactical Missiles and UAV’s", https://www.pw.utc.com/Content/Press_Kits/pdf/me_TJ150_pCard.pdf, "£411m invested in F-35s new anti-ship/tank/building mini-cruise missile", https://navynews.co.uk/archive/news/item/14885, "Aimpoint selection: the UK's SPEAR Cap 3 air-to-surface weapon", http://www.janes360.com/images/assets/853/47853/the_UK_s_SPEAR_Cap_3_air-to-surface_weapon.pdf, "UK Study Contract Awarded to integrate Brimstone 2 onto Typhoon", http://www.baesystems.com/en/article/uk-study-contract-awarded-to-integrate-brimstone-2-onto-typhoon, http://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php/news/defence-news/year-2014-news/july-2014-navy-naval-forces-maritime-industry-technology-security-global-news/1911-mbda-spear-3-missile-would-bring-true-anti-ship-capabilities-to-raf-and-faa-f-35s.html, "PICTURES: MBDA sharpens Spear missile design for F-35 integration", http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/pictures-mbda-sharpens-spear-missile-design-for-f-35-integration-373453/, "House of Commons Written Answers Hansard", http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm130521/text/130521w0003.htm#1305224000027, "£411 million investment in new missile for UK's new jets sustains 700 UK jobs", https://www.gov.uk/government/news/411-million-investment-in-new-missile-for-uks-new-jets-sustains-700-uk-jobs/, "Storm Shadow dropped from UK's F-35B follow-on integration plan", http://www.janes.com/article/57304/storm-shadow-dropped-from-uk-s-f-35b-follow-on-integration-plan, "MBDA and Boeing studying Apache Brimstone integration", https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/mbda-and-boeing-studying-apache-brimstone-integratio-423252/, http://www.mbda-systems.com/brimstone-solution/brimstone-sea-spear/, "MBDA targets Brimstone at anti-FIAC role", http://www.janes.com/events/exhibitions/farnborough-2012/news/july-11/MBDA-targets-Brimstone-anti-FIAC-role.aspx, "Farnborough 2012: MBDA completes Sea Spear live firing", http://www.shephardmedia.com/news/digital-battlespace/farnborough-2012-mbda-completes-sea-spear-live-fir/, http://www.janes.com/article/23797/brimstone-engages-a-simulated-fiac-attack, Raytheon Working on Extending Range of Griffin Missile for LCS, Navy Axes Griffin Missile In Favor of Longbow Hellfire for LCS, https://military.wikia.org/wiki/SPEAR_3?oldid=4472445. As I understand it the plan is that it will be also be integrated onto Typhoon, which if it carries Meteor, Paveway, Brimstone and Spear 3 will as you say control an area of radius at least 60 miles in the air and on the ground especially if fitted with Captor-E. That is full-blown conflict with Russia. The ‘Select Precision Effects At Range Capability 3’ (SPEAR 3) is an air-to-ground, anti-tank, anti-structure and anti-ship missile. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It would work well in open water if you had good target identification, but then so would Harpoon 1C; though being older technology I suspect it would be easier to decoy and/or destroy. His work has taken him around Europe and the Far East, he is currently based in Scotland. With regards ship capability, it’s main target would be Corvette and smaller ships. 30 years of ... Wiley X Goggles Spear (3) EUR 99.99 in stock Safety Glasses 3M Marcus Grönholm bronze (7) EUR 22.99 in stock Replacement Lens Revision Sawfly Max-Wrap large smoke (0) EUR 24.99 The ER one is fatter and longer. Army Structure 3 (1970 – 1979) Since the mid-1960s, the army’s command staff has been thinking about how the existing structure of the army could be adapted to the framework of the new NATO flexible response strategy. With the Barrows update on 9 May 2005, their attack speed was increased to 3.0 seconds, equivalent to longswords. [15] The Navy instead selected the AGM-114L Hellfire as a stop-gap missile for the LCS. We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience. And Paul is correct, Sea Venom is “over the horizon” which implies >30km range. As I understand it each bay can hold 4 Spear 3 on the internal rail plus one Meteor on the inside of the weapon bay door so a total internal load for an F-35B (using both internal bays) is 8 x Spear3 plus 2 x Meteor. I think there is an anti-ship seeker for Tomahawk now so it would be an option for Type 26 or any ship with Mk41 strike length VLS. But surely the aircraft firing it has stealth of the highest quality. Tom has spent the last 13 years working in the defence industry, specifically military and commercial shipbuilding. Sea Venom and Wildcat make an excellent system. This would lead a live firing test being carried out in the US in third quarter of 2016 using one of AH-64E test aircraft. Nothing we currently has offers the capabilities of spear 3. What am I missing here? It is covered by the Open Game License v1.0a, rather than the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3. Wiley X Goggles Spear (3) EUR 99.99 in stock Safety Glasses 3M Marcus Grönholm bronze (7) EUR 22.99 in stock Wiley X Safety Glasses Saber Advanced clear (0) EUR 49.99 ... Mit den Bundeswehr Brillen von ASMC profitieren Sie von der langjährigen Expertise unserer Topmarken. So in theory MBDA could incorporate these seeker stratagems into Spear 3. Military equipment, Bundeswehr equipment, NATO BW Online Store, Camping from ASMC with reasonable prices and a huge selection of over 20,000 items. Mike it depends, if the single missile gets shot down you do no damage at all. I don’t think that anyone really thinks that Spear 3 against a large… Read more », Well said Sir, people don’t view things in a conflict situation often enough where re-stocking of your armaments may not be a reliable or predictable process. Id also like to know the warhead size, given the number that fit in the weapons bay I would assume something comparable to a Brimstone which is small for anti-ship use. Will that ship be working alone or part of a task group? Off the shelf already there would be the sensible option. Just so long as the cost per missile is not £1 million each (needs to be £250k or less) and we can order in thousands of them. An assessment phase lasted from around 2012 to 2016 at a cost of £150 million ($195 million), which exceeded the original estimate. The missile takes the shape of a medium-range (around 120km), mini-cruise missile designed for internal carriage by … VLS with the ongoing cuts. That’s a huge gap that needs to be filled by a capable weapon. Top Rated Plus. With Norway presumably going to integrate it onto their P-8A at some point, and NSM being a very interesting box launched anti ship missile for T31 and maybe elsewhere, the NSM/JSM technology looks widely applicable for the UK. Talk about the new missile being based on Perseus is purely internet chatter i.e. The missile takes the shape of a medium-range (around 120km), mini-cruise missile designed for internal carriage by the F-35. [6] In May 2016, the MOD awarded a £411 million contract to MBDA for the development of the air-launched SPEAR 3 missile specifically for the UK's F-35B fighters. My guess is that they specify navel vessel rather than specific size of vessels indicates it is meant for more light vessels like patrol boats. I to really like S3 capability and concept. I’ve got no idea what goes into creating that kind of assurance, but I bet it is difficult and, therefore, expensive. Idealised computer simulations don’t hold up in war unless you achieve everything you need to in some form of pre-emptive strike. Thanks BdtP and sorry for the misunderstanding Steve. Sep 9, 2020 #466. Although this missile couldn’t kill the ship in the same way as something like an Exocet, because it can be so accurately targetted, it could take out the ships bridge, flight deck, radar systems or hole the hull. Funny enough the Sea Venom which will be replacing the Sea Skua has a reported range of only 12 kms, the missile it is replacing had a range… Read more ». Other armed forces Waffen-SS. It is planned to be operational in 2025. The 2 m (6.6 ft) weapon will fly at high-subsonic speed using a turbojet and wing kit,[6] and will feature a multimode seeker with INS/GPS guidance and datalink. However against an an enemy with a robust anti-air capability, Brimstone puts its launch aircraft too close to the target. - Navy Recognition July 2014, "SPEAR 3 has two small side intakes for its Hamilton Sundstrand TJ-150 turbojet." Certainly unless the delivery platform had an unpenetrable cloaking device invisible to even eyeballs. ISO9001 Certified - PVC & CPVC Sch 40 and 80 fittings molded from 1/8 - 14 inch. spear 3 is it have sea skimming (naval) and pop up (land) attack capacity? According to MBDA, the system is effective against: • Air Defence Units, Ballistic Missile launchers • Defended structures • Fast moving and manoeuvring vehicles • Main Battle Tanks, Self-Propelled Guns, Armoured Personnel Carriers • Naval vessels. SPEAR is MBDA’s response to a component of the UK’s Selective Precision Effects At Range air launched requirement. SPEAR Cap 3 is described as a 100km weapon but indications are that 140km is achievable. With 140km (unclassified) range. As for ooohhh but for a heavy weight ASM lovefest that goes on sometimes, it’s worth remeb ring almost all present Heavy ASM’s are so dumb as to be unfirable unless you are in eyeball range or in some clancyesk WW3 “don’t need to worry about lots of innocent bystander random ships floating around the the sea lanes” world. Die Luftwaffe verwendet die Bombe GBU 48 an ihrem Kampfflugzeug Eurofighter Typhoon. I would not like to be on any ship no matter the size that was hit by 4 or 8 of these things ! The design of SPEAR 3 takes into account the characteristics and internal weapon constraints of the F-35B, four missiles can be accommodated in each of the F-35Bs two internal weapon bays, making for a total of 8 missiles per aircraft. June 22, 2019 admin Bundeswehr Army Structure 3 (1970 – 1979) Since the mid-1960s, the army’s command staff has been thinking about how the existing structure of the army could be adapted to the framework of the new NATO flexible response strategy. These things would essentially cripple the frigate/destroyer and deny them a means of retaliation. Yes but with the same effect you could use Brimestone, GBUs and Hellfires. 00. It is (sigh). [2][3], MBDA was awarded an Assessment Phase contract for SPEAR 3, a stand off attack weapon that would replace Brimstone 2 (SPEAR Cap 2). Integrating costs are indeed eye watering. Combine this with it’s datalink and networked swarming tech they will be able to pick off bits of the ship they don’t want picked. Note both CAMM and CAMM-ER have boosters. So that is very useful options which worth to buy… Read more », This article says the MOD wants the missile to have a range of at least 100km i.e. perhaps a special forces unit calling in a strike. [10], MBDA has started testing a maritime variant for use against swarms of small boats named Sea SPEAR. That doesn’t make military or economic sense. Joint program with France blah blah blah. So as much as I’d to see us use a full blown ship killer, I think this will provide a better capability in cluttered environments and limited or restricted RoE. Is it just me or is this a bigger version of Brimstone? The Spear 3, a follow-on to Paveway IV and Brimstone missiles (Spear Cap 1 and 2 respectively), is a 100 kg missile under development as the primary air-to-surface weapon for the Royal Navy’s F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter and the Royal Air Force’s GR4 Typhoon aircraft. Which is not to say they have of course. Would love your thoughts, please comment. The whole SPEAR programme is vital. Spear 3 has no stealth capability, a small warhead and the launch range is well within the air defence systems of modern naval warships. Gunbuster or someone else might be along to prove me wrong (or right). To have a system that is good at what it does ie take out small targets (which is still arguably the most likely scenario In today’s politically fractious world anyway) while offering a useful back up to whatever main offensive anti ship capability you have is a fabulous asset. Can’t loose sight of need for a Harpoon replacement. Is this on old boys network….. closed shop forum. This increases by 10 feet for every Paragon of the Spear level she possess until level 10 at a max range of +100 feet.