More about Safari's Policies here. I don't how long has it been like this, because it had been a while since I last time I used the app (some months ago). Why AirPlay is Not Working on TV . AirPlay offers users the chance to wirelessly play content from an Apple device to their TV or speaker. Airplay not working from macbook (works from iPhone) in TV 11-02-2021; Airplay Streaming doesn’t work (but mirroring mostly does) in TV 07-02-2021; Various Issues Q700T in TV 27-01-2021; Airplay not working on Q70 in TV 23-01-2021; Airplay not working on video in TV 22-01-2021 If you have a weak Wi-Fi signal or are suffering interference from a nearby device, such as a microwave or baby monitor, try the following: Make sure you use the recommended settings for your Wi-Fi router. You do not see your list of devices. Iphone 3GS, can stream music to the ATV, can stream sound from the movies in the iphone but not the video. I tried today and it freezes while starting up (the video with the spinning wheel). iPhone screen mirroring or AirPlay not working on Samsung TV AirPlay is the built-in feature of iOS devices wherein it allows the user’s iOS device to be mirrored and cast to their Samsung TV. One of the main reasons why airplay is not working on Mac or any other iOS device is the network. How to AirPlay almost any video, even if AirPlay isn't in the app. The Dailymotion app on my Samsung Smart TV is not working. But sometimes, users cannot stream and cast their content to their Samsung TV. I've tried reinstalling it but it happens all the same. Not all apps with video support AirPlay, but there's still a way to use AirPlay with some of them. You do not see AirPlay buttons/icons. If you are wondering why AirPlay is not working, you should know that there are several reasons for this. Send video from your iPhone to AirPlay devices when connected to the same network. Move or turn off any other devices that may cause interference. It’s also worth noting that even if both devices support AirPlay individually, they may not be capable of streaming content to one another: although most modern Macs, iPads and iPhones support AirPlay, you can’t AirPlay content from an iOS device to a Mac, or between two iOS devices. The AirPlay mirroring not working issue is a common occurrence especially in old iDevices. Also, in the pictures in the "photos" app the airplay icon doesn't exist, can't … Firefox Firefox prevents all video with sound from autoplay by default. ie, if you had configured to autoplay, it doesn't allow for Dailymotion videos on your site autoplay, It is domain-specific. For AirPlay to work correctly, each of the connected devices needs to be on the same network. But it did not work. See also: How To Disable Auto-Play Videos in Safari You may be also experiencing similar problems. If you don’t see this checkbox, then your Mac doesn’t support AirPlay. I kept seeing “Looking for Apple TV”. I have tried everything you guys recommend but still not working. Whether you want to share a TV show or movie from an iPhone or a Mac to an AirPlay-enabled TV or Apple TV, or another device, the two devices need to be connected to the same network. AirPlay not working, how to fix AirPlay and AirPlay mirroring problems; What is AirPlay? After completing a few basic troubleshooting techniques, I was able to fix the problem. This allows videos on this domain play, but not for other websites using videos from this domain. In most cases though not all, your AirPlay won’t work if you don’t have the latest software version of your iDevice. AirPlay really won’t work if one is not connected, or they're both connected to different networks.