Founder and CEO Vineeta Singh wanted to create cosmetics for fellow Indian beauty enthusiasts designed with their skin tone and weather conditions in mind, such as humidity-proof foundations and vibrant lipsticks. Copyright © 2012-2021 | CartInsight, a unit of ReadyContacts LLC. Applying this waste reduction philosophy to all areas of business, Unwrapped Life set up an extensive network of wholesalers to help reduce shipping while reaching more users and starting a refill program for liquid products with a retail partner in Calgary, Alberta. Santa Clara, CA 95054, Shopify stores with high website visitor traffic, Shopify stores in the United States of America, Shopify stores with physical store locations, Shopify stores who sell multi-brand items, Men,Women,Fashion,Magazine Subscriptions,Clothing, Beauty,Clothing,Baby,Computers,Electronics,Vehicle,Cell Phones, United States Polo Association Inc Uspa Global Licensing Inc. Beauty products packaged and named after baked goods is just one of the sweet things about Beauty Bakerie. Motivated by her daughter’s skin conditions and eczema diagnosis with, Satya founder Patrice Mousseau began researching and testing the creation of effective, nontoxic, and fragrance-free skin products. This organic vegan skincare company is known for its products made from natural ingredients and its sustainable packaging featuring whimsical illustrations drawn by Jeff. The Honey Pot is an all-natural feminine care company powered by herbs, made by women, and backed by science. With shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars wrapped in compostable paper, their items are virtually wasteless. *All Websites marked with an asterisk have been designed and built by us! How to Find and Source a Winning Product to Sell. Android. We have curated 159,686+ Shopify stores which are real businesses and are prospecting-worthy for companies targeting Shopify stores. John Nanci founded Chocolate Alchemy to not only provide cacao beans but also his wealth of knowledge to those wanting to enter the world of bean-to-bar chocolate making. In less than 40-minutes, let us walk you through how to find product ideas, how to validate them, and how to sell the product once you have an idea you want to pursue. Other successful Shopify stores on this list started from the ground up and their founders worked hard to get them to where they are today. The list encompasses some of the most successful Shopify stores from varied industries. Merging functional design with purpose, each item is a way to buy better and waste less. Devour our top choices below. On the flip side, to make its footwear accessible to more people, there are also lines made internationally. Mignon. Get the full list of Shopify websites in United States of America. Taza Chocolate works directly with farmers to ensure fairness and ethical treatment and has set up a third-party direct-trade certification. Bean’s positivity and cuteness can be found on sweaters, t-shirts, and accessories. Shopify Store #1: SkinnyMe Tea [Shop With Messenger] Key Takeaway : SkinnyMe Tea seamlessly integrates Facebook Messenger into their store to provide shoppers with an on-demand shopping experience. Cartoonist Harry Hambley was a teenager when he started sharing his character Bean on Instagram, under the handle @Ketnipz. Ketnipz’s positivity, puns, and humor caught the attention of millions and allowed Harry to work with art festivals and Instagram, and to create his own merchandise. Staying as transparent as possible, Mel has openly shared how the cost of making a piece for Beefcake Swimwear breaks down. The apparel and home goods company founded by Brian Linton incorporates sustainability through all areas of its operation. A full list of Shopify stores who offer multi-brand items. Life and business partners Alex Whitmore and Kathleen Fulton are the founders behind Taza Chocolate. Biko. Get inspired by success stories and design examples inside. The Shop resource is a collection of the general settings and information about the store. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 50 inspirational stores that are making a difference in different industries and communities. Then I Met You celebrates the idea of “jeong”—the feeling of empathy and affection for people, places, and things. Get the full list of Shopify websites in United Kingdom. Listed in no particular order: Simply Create a free account today and explore all aspects of CartInsight and use it for all your needs. Ratio Coffee. By highlighting talent within the community, Tomi created a line of products specifically designed for deeper skin tones. Here are the best Shopify stores 2021 listed down based on the global rating. Artisaire is the epitome of a business honing in and dedicating itself to a craft, in this case, the art of wax sealing. There are 159,686 websites that use Shopify. Rothy’s transforms eco-friendly materials into stylish footwear and accessories through 3D knitting technology. From adorable lions to unicorns to rabbits, each toy is made by moms who are making a living to support their families. To search for the Shopify stores, type “” text in the search field and hit the Search button. Owner Rodellee Bas curates and creates pieces out of her affinity for silhouettes of times past. Best Shopify Stores for Accessories Toyshades. Try Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card required. Edwin Broni-Mensah founded GiveMeTap after having difficulty finding a water refill station in his homebase of London. Co-founded by Ariel Gough and Edwina Govindsamy, Bailly is a vegan all-natural fragrance company that gives away 15% of every sale from our Girl Power collection benefits the Just Like My Child Foundation's Girl Power Project. Learn about the 50 biggest Shopify stores and brands. With products designed for specific use cases like expecting or current moms, or those on the go, or looking to sooth, heal, or rejuvenate, The Honey Pot provides natural ways to calm itch and irritation and handle menstruation. Inspired by the rustic taste and texture of Mexican chocolate, Taza stone grinds its ingredients for a gritty and intense flavor. Dana’s beauty line, Beneath Your Mask, is dedicated to using non-toxic, pure, all-natural ingredients to bring nourishing and healing to beauty routines. Track with Shop. Kirrin Finch is an apparel company offering gender-defying clothes inspired by menswear but designed to fit a range of female and non-binary bodies. Inspired by Tofino’s moss-draped trees, lush greenery, and ocean waves, Angela L’Heureux modernized her family recipes to create candles, soaps, and body care products under the name Tofino Soap Company. The Bairds also have expanded their business to include a line of lavender-infused beauty, food, and household products. Its products are a showcase for Italian shoemaking and the brand is dedicated to bringing employment to the heart of the Marche region. Founder Cashmere Nicole went through her share of ups and downs on her journey of entrepreneurship, from being a single mom to battling breast cancer. 1. Finally, in 2009, Rick started MakerGear to provide parts and eventually create his own line of 3D printers. The company pledges 5% of profits to initiatives that sustain youth programs, enhance workforce development, and eradicate youth homelessness. Hiut Denim is based in Cardigan, Wales, a town that, until 2002, was home to the biggest jeans factory in the United Kingdom Hiut Denim was founded in 2011 to take advantage of the jean-making skills and knowhow that remained with many locals, showcase their dedication to craft and bring manufacturing back to Cardigan. There are over one million businesses that make up Shopify. A small online boutique that was born as kitchen goods retailer, Mignon, which has expanded to sell items such as of housewares and party provisions is now a top example of how a Shopify store should look. Partake offers cookies in flavors like chocolate chip, birthday cake, and ginger snaps that are school safe and free of the top 8 allergens as well as artificial colors, preservatives, and genetically modified ingredients. Located in Milton, Ontario, Terre Bleu’s owners, Ian and Isabelle Baird, left behind the busy city life for the country—and to start a lavender farm. Half of the products Tsuno makes are donated to charities that focus on education and menstruation support. It also strives for zero waste. Learn more: A seamless checkout process, Shop Pay checkouts convert at a 1.91x times higher than regular checkouts. Wolf Circus is a Shopify store with a line of fine jewelry products that are handmade in Vancouver, BC. We track Shopify customers globally & identify prospecting-worthy Shopify stores for your research, marketing and sales needs. Its Storyboot Project collection is made in partnership with Indigenous elders and artisans. When founder Stacia Guzzo’s mother discovered she had breast cancer after noticing a lump in her armpit, Stacia began deeply researching cancer risk factors. Fresh Heritage’s products are designed to nourish and strengthen hair specifically for men of color. Proudly Indigenous- and female-owned, Satya is also committed to being carbon neutral, not testing on animals, and using sustainable materials in its packaging. Skinnydip London* 3. In the Email marketing section, check Show a sign-up option at checkout. The disease impacted her hair and skin, and Dana began searching for pure, all-natural products to rejuvenate her. This Mumbai-based beauty company grew from an idea into an Indian direct-to-consumer and retail giant. Isabel Aagaard, Kare Frandsen, and Nicolas Aagaard founded LastObject with a mission to design replacements for single-use items. Through it all, Verve has placed its commitment to sustainable growing practices and supporting farmers above everything else, through its Farmlevel initiative, which preserves heirloom coffee varieties, manages nurseries, and pays fair prices. Now the maker of cult-favorite items and a coveted beauty brand, Beauty Bakerie started Sugar Homes in 2016 to support and sponsor orphanages by providing funding and supplies. Over 1.3 billion people worldwide now use the Facebook Messenger platform every month to send messages to friends and family, receive news and updates from their favorite brands, and yes, shop. Charlotte Cho, the skincare and beauty curator and founder behind Soko Glam, decided it was time to create a line of skincare products of her own. CartInsight has subscription plans as well as one time purchase plans for the Shopify stores intelligence. Founded by Enrico Casati and Jacopo Sebastio, Velasca was born as a direct-to-consumer solution to reduce the distribution layers of handcrafted leather shoes in order to provide them at more affordable prices. While a smaller list was mentioned in this article by anbbot. Aussi swimwear label, Triangl, have also taken to Shopify Plus—spreading summer vibes around the world. With the dual commitment of reducing single-use plastic bottles and providing water to those in need, Give Me Tap has provided over 50,000 individuals with clean water for life and reduced about 45 million plastic bottles as of late 2019. Naja also gives 2% of its sales to support sewing programs at local foundations. Each water bottle sold by GiveMeTap provides a person in Ghana with clean drinking water for five years. Silk and Willow is a sustainable wedding decor boutique designed for the environmentally conscious. When Rick Pollack began experimenting with 3D printing in the early 2000s, he was working full time while making parts and fixing homemade printers in his spare time. Mason jar containing three years’ worth of trash. Shop keeps your customers in the know with convenient notifications and order details at their fingertips. Under Store settings, tap Checkout . Their website... Wolf Circus. As coconut oil-based scents, Bailly products will not irritate or overpower while providing a soft scent that’s also moisturizing to the skin. Learn more: How to Start an Online Store with Shopify. Beemoss proudly employs stay-at-home mothers and offers fair pay. Start a business selling in-demand products, Find a niche or business idea and get started, Practical steps for starting a business from scratch, Everything you need to know about selling t-shirts, Sell customized products without holding inventory, Learn about the dropshipping industry and how it works, Get inspired and launch your own business. All of its exterior fabrics are made from 100% recycled water bottles, while its “leather” accents are made from apples. Velasca has grown to employ over 10 families of shoemakers while running more than a dozen retail stores throughout Europe. You will want to see here for more details on this.. We are lucky to have the chance to share their stories and inspire others to follow their passions and create change through commerce. Shopify POS es una aplicación para dispositivos iOS y Android que puedes usar para transacciones en una tienda física o tienda temporal. Sourcing directly from the Nile Delta, KOTN’s pieces are made with Egyptian cotton that’s finer, softer, and more breathable than other types of cotton. It is one of the top Shopify stores in terms of appearance. Tofino is committed to using 100% natural ingredients, some from Angela’s garden, others forged in the wild or, whenever possible, bought from fair trade suppliers. Best Shopify Stores: 36. Version 2019-10. Wanting to create a beauty company with future generations in mind, Arden Teasdale and Hayley McKenzie started Unwrapped Life to provide products that eliminate the juxtaposition between sustainability and effectiveness. Tomi Gbeleyi used social media to create a community that showcased and celebrated diversity within the beauty industry. 1600 Duane Avenue, There are several hundred thousand stores who run on Shopify. Instead, customers buy mystery bundles. BLK & Bold leverages wholesale and direct-to-consumer as a force to equip young people with tools to live their best lives and overcome unfortunate circumstances. In addition to donating to and supporting organizations that align with its values, Meow Meow Tweet offers a bulk refill program to reduce packaging and waste and a system for customers who would like to return their empty containers for the team to reuse. The resource lets you retrieve information about the store but doesn't let you update any information. Mel Wells took more than two years to craft and launch Beefcake Swimwear, a line of sustainable and ethically made suits inspired by 1920s fashion. Chip Malt’s extensive ecommerce background complemented Jake Kalick’s third-generation expertise in cookware manufacturing when the two launched Made In Cookware to disrupt the kitchenware industry. Supporting the local economy and farming families that have seen a massive decline in business since larger corporations moved away, KOTN buys directly from farmers at guaranteed prices while funding the construction of schools in the region to raise literacy rates. Unlike most vintage or secondhand clothing retailers, Goodfair doesn’t list each item individually. When I scrolled and clicked through the Shopify shop, I found out that it was ridiculously conversion-optimized. Shop locale access scopes. Click to learn more. Make sure to include the quotes for the phrase since the search will be more accurate in this case. Founded by designer Catalina Girald and Golden Globe-winning actress Gina Rodriguez, Naja makes inclusive undergarments in multiple nude colors to match every shade of skin tone. Find websites using Shopify under 1M Alexa ranks. Triangl Bikini. Under Store settings, tap Checkout . Founded in 2015, Parkland turns plastic into backpacks and accessories. Ratio Coffee is a beautiful Shopify store with a balanced colour palette and a smooth scrolling system that embodies the elegance of their products. Follow the instructions on the page to create the price list: Enter a descriptive title for your price list to help you manage it in Shopify … There are Shopify stores of all shapes and sizes on this list, and we hope you enjoy browsing through them to see what kind of things these Shopify stores are up to. Taylor Swift These businesses are creating change by turning trash into fabrics, preserving heritage variety of crops, developing cult-favorite beauty products, eliminating single-use items, and so much more. After learning about the link between aluminum in antiperspirants and breast cancer, Stacia set out to create deodorants of her own. Here some ideas on how to find a product to sell on shopify: Read the Founder Stories category on the Shopify blog, listen to the Shopify Masters podcast, use the Shop mobile app (iOS & Android), check out Shopify Compass to see how successful shopify store owners grew their business, use a tool like BuiltWith to see if an online store is hosted on Shopify, or use a website like MYIP.MS, 50 Exceptional Shopify Stores to Inspire Entrepreneurs, How to Start an Online Store with Shopify, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society, attracted many visitors looking to soak in its atmosphere, Browse what’s trending on online marketplaces, Research products with higher profit margins. Designer and cosmetics historian Gabriela Hernandez channels the glamor of her grandmother’s beauty routine into great vintage-inspired beauty products. Flourist sells 100% traceable and freshly stone-milled flours and dried goods, and offers pages on its website dedicated to telling more about the farmers it works with. You can find stores based on carts, geo, apps used & a lot more. Get all Shopify ecommerce stores shipping internationally. 37. And that’s mainly the reason why it’s among our best Shopify stores list. Shuang is a storyteller at Shopify, fascinated by how change is created through commerce. Cluse* 2. Yes, you can download a comprehensive list of 159,686+ Shopify stores with detailed contact information and technographic data. Dana Jackson was diagnosed with a severe form of Lupus. Can I download a list of Shopify stores? United By Blue removes a pound of trash from the ocean and waterways for each product sold. Crear un ecommerce en Español nunca fue tan fácil. Every online order raises funds for the Oceanic Preservation Society, and since 2015, Lunchskins has also designed a cause bag, where 10% of its proceeds are donated to various conservation organizations, such as the Sea Turtle Conservancy and 5Gyres.