Expedition Geforce, Holiday Park. share. Habloch (Germany) Located in the heart of Germany, GeForce is one of Europe’s largest coasters and one of the best rated in specialized polls by fans. Posted by 2 hours ago [Expedition Geforce] [Holiday Park] The only 2 huge cons for this coaster: This coaster only has this 1 train and really slow dispatch times. Close. As a coaster enthusiast, Holiday Park was only on the radar because of Expedition GeForce. Close. Holiday Park has been on every enthusiasts wish list since Expedition GeForce opened in 2001. 21. What matters is that I’m finally at the gates of Holiday Park. Regarded as one of the best roller coasters in the world and taking the title at the Golden Ticket Awards multiple times, you have to experience this! Posted by (106) Expedition GeForce / Taron <3. Built by Intamin in collaboration with Werner Stengel, it was constructed onsite by RCS GmbH and opened on June 18, 2001. I did not make this model and I haven't printed it. [Expedition Geforce] [Holiday Park] The only 2 huge cons for this coaster: This coaster only has this 1 train and really slow dispatch times. Like Father, Like Son. The day is frankly not an idea one to spend at a park, a thick, gray blanket of clouds shielding us from the sun and a faint mist in the air threatens the potential of rainfall but it seems to be staved off for the moment. Rides and Attractions. 3 comments. 10 janv. Photo. Expedition GeForce Roller Coaster Photos Holiday Park Official Website: Holiday Park English Website. ... Six Flags, Universal Studios, the Walt Disney Company or any other theme park company. In the past five years of Mitch Hawker’s Internet Coaster Poll Expedition GeForce has tied for first, placed just behind Bizarro, or ranked third. Expedition GeForce. bigFM Expedition GeForce (renamed after a radio station for advertising) is an Intamin sit-down roller coaster located at Holiday Park in Haßloch, Germany. You need a sense of humor to view our site, 2013 - Photos du Roller Coaster BigFM Expedition GeForce situé à Holiday-Park (Allemagne). Disclaimer! Like Father, Like Son. Expedition GeForce is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Holiday Park. 2 hours ago. Expedition GeForce is a steel roller coaster located at Holiday Park in Haßloch, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. [Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park] & [Unnamed Mega Coaster, Walibi Belgium] Photo. Holiday Park’s Expedition GeForce has been battling it out with the United State’s Bizarro at Six Flags New England ( formerly Superman: Ride of Steel) for years. ... Expedition GeForce. This track comes with the game. 87. This is Expedition GeForce at Holiday Park in Haßloch, Germany, from NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation. Before Silver Star at Europa Park opened, it was the tallest roller coaster operating in Europe. There is no sugar coating it, but there is just nothing else at the park that would have convinced us to visit in the thrills department. However, Holiday Park is a prime example of a park that you visit for one attraction, but end up staying for hours. Photo.