Sharko is somewhat overprotective of Marinaand often gets very jealous when other people hit on her. Zig lures Marina and Sharko into the jungle by telling them the pilot has been bitten by a koala. Like any headstrong young boy, he is ... See full summary ». / Bernie gives Zig a bionic upgrade. You can play Zig and Sharko games using controls on the screen. Marina reads a fairytale about a frog changing into Prince Charming after being kissed and totally believes in it. Shaun and his pals run ... See full summary ». Although his devotion to Marina is out of loyalty and love, he sometimes occasionally causes trouble himself and often is punished for it. Zig and Sharko (en español como Zig y Sharko) es una serie animada francesa creada por Xilam que se emitió por primera vez el 21 de diciembre de 2010 en Canal+ y en Latinoamérica el 9 de mayo de 2016 en Disney XD.La serie cuenta con 156 episodios y tienen una duración de 9 minutos cada uno, en la serie no hablan pero hacen quejidos y gritos. Zig finds a size-changing ray gun and tries to use it to get rid of Sharko. Throughout the first season, much of the plots revolve around the oceans surrounding a tropical volcanic island, alongside its coastline, in which Marina often spends the day residing on a rocky pinnacle off the coast during the day, while residing in an underwater home that she shares with Sharko. View production, box office, & company info, Netflix Teams With France’s Xilam On Animated Comedy Series ‘Trico’, Cartoon Movie: Breitman, Gobbé-Mévellec, Lumière, Xilam Win Tribute Awards, Paris-Based Xilam Expands Scope With Shows and Films Targeting Adults and Teens, Titular TV Twosomes (Animated/Children's), My Top Ten Favorite TV Shows of all Time (I’m an 11 year old). ZIG & SHARKO OFFICIAL APP Play this retro arcade game as seen on TV in Zig & Sharko « Stepfather » Episode. Meanwhile, Marina is hungry, in fact so hungry she could eat a hyena…. At Kids-n-Fun you will always find the nicest coloring pages first! He often collaborates in Zig's schemes to capture Marina, though in reality holds no grudge against her or Sharko. The lifeboat breaks off from the ship and falls into the water. When Marina's hair cream makes her hair grow super long overnight, Zig offers to help her fix it. She is very sweet, perky, cheerful, affectionate and child-like in nature. Sharko tries to fix Marina's bad haircut before taking her to the opera. Zig dresses up as Santa Claus to catch Marina. He feathers the little gull to keep Sharko away from the mermaid to savor her! Zig uses inflatable balloons to get to Marina. (The Indian version dubs Hindi dialogue over the animation.) - A lot of levels with 12 bosses to fight and more coming soon. Zig’s dream might even come true… Marina set up house on the beach! 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With no way to return home, they find themselves trying to make sense of Earth life from the confines of a rented house. [7], The episode titled "Birthday Party" is part of the official selection at the 2011 Annecy Animation Festival in the category 'TV Shows'. Zigis a very hungry hyena, who wants to eat Marina and the main anti-hero from Zig and Sharko. When a masked assailant sprays everyone with black ink, Marina insists Zig be her bodyguard. On the high seas, the beach or an ocean liner, Zig, a hungry hyena has one thing in mind: dining on Marina, the carefree mermaid. The ship stops on the Arctic Circle, where Zig meets a Bigfoot! An evil lightning bolt strikes the ship’s clock and puts it out of joint. Night has fallen over the ship. On May 6, 2015, the YouTube channel of Zig & Sharko was created,[4] with all the episodes from season 1 to season 3. Whenever his confidence is low, Zig relies on Bernie to cheer him up. And when the shark tries to rescue his mermaid, it’s he who gets trapped in the VR headset …. Zig takes advantage of Marina's shopping addiction by posing as a cab driver. When the boat is taking a dangerous course, Zig and Sharko are too busy bickering as always to save the day… who will come to the rescue? Sharko isn't the on… Zig suddenly becomes popular and pretends to be a hero. In the third season, the main characters and the island's inhabitants move onto a cruise ship to travel the oceans, where much of the season's plots take place. Marina discovers Sharko is gaining weight, so Zig and Bernie turn her sandcastle into a spa. Zig tries to sabotage Sharko and Marina's dinner date. They hope to spend a romantic night in their little castle, but it turns out to be more complicated than planned when Marina, Zig and Sharko decide to join them. Marina tries to re-educate the looney pilot living in the wrecked plane with Zig and Bernie. In 2008, the television group Canal+ decided to develop pilot episodes for nine out of 135 animation projects received, including Zig and Sharko, for television broadcast during the 2010–2011 season. Sharko leaves temporally with a hammerhead shark. The winner gets to dine privately with Captain Marina! Zig finds a button that turns everything dark and opens a. The ocean liner makes a stop off a magnificent desert island. Zig becomes Marina's butler in an attempt to catch her. Zig pulls out all the stops in his efforts to nab Marina for a meal, but no amount of extravagant disguises or mechanical wonders ever does the job, thanks to the timely interference of Marina's fiercest friend. Sharko's parents visit; they disapprove of his relationship with a mermaid. Zig and Bernie try to steal Marina's necklace. Zig volunteers to help rid Sharko's hiccups, as another scheme to get Marina. Hades transforms himself into a panda bear to win Marina's heart. She is a very good singer, but Sharko doesn't like to hear her. It's cheap humor without the benefits of any sort of duologue. Zig the Hyena. Marina dreams of being a flight attendant. Ouch! Zig & Sharko (Theme) MP3 Song by Teen Team from the album Kids Super Anthem. Of course, Zig makes the most of the shark's weakness. About the world's greatest football team. Zig and Sharko must join forces to rescue Marina, who is being taken to an. Ouch! Zig is covered with glue and sand while the shark is trying to repair the sandcastle. With Zig and Sharko games enjoy the most fun and amazing stories you can imagine. Bernie makes a strength potion to take over King Neptune's castle. Sharko can’t stand gags and pranks, so Marina teams up with Zig and Bernie to loosen him up. Sharko's romantic plans are thwarted when Marina finds a crate of bubblegum and wants to break the world's largest bubble record. An alien called Blobi turns up an onboard ship to enjoy himself. Sharko discovers a buried treasure and builds a luxury mansion, then must deal with the treasure's angry pirate owner. Zig enlists several whales in his schemes. The shark develops strong paternal feelings towards the kid and is heartbroken when he finds out his true identity. But when Sharko reaches the diving board, he realizes that he’s scared to death of heights. Five bizarre-looking aliens crashland on Earth. Of course, Zig conspires to take on the role of a fitness coach to move in on Marina… and to beat Sharko on his own turf: the gym! If anything can go wrong for him - it will go from bad to worse. The series focuses on the exploits and adventures of a group of characters - Zig, a brown hyena; Sharko, a great white shark; Marina, a mermaid with red hair; and Bernie, a hermit crab. Zig returns to Africa to live among his fellow hyenas but finds he doesn't fit in. Zig finds an elephant in a crate washed up on shore and tries to use it in his schemes. He’d rather keep an eye on Marina than play Santa! Zig discovers Marina is not afraid of him – at all. During a chase, Zig, Sharko and Marina sink into the earth’s depths. The shock of an electric eel causes Zig and Sharko to switch bodies. A band of pirates tries to capture Marina. Marina loses the starfish she wears in her hair; Bernie finds it and falls madly in love with it. So Zig, he is a brown hyena that everyone kind of likes him, but sometimes he does odd stuff. However, all awhile, Sharko believes this cruise vacation is another one of Zig's traps. Sharko decides to organize safety training to protect everyone in case of an emergency. When a cruise ship visits the island, Marina and Sharko pose as passengers, pursued by Zig. Sharko tries to impress Marina's father, King Poseidon. A pair of giant lizards show up and become Zig's bodyguards, but their secret agenda is to get rich making toy replicas of him. Zig and Sharko join forces against a human castaway competing for Marina's affections. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Due to his hunger, and the limited supply of food on the island, Zig is desperate to catch Marina so he can eat her, even willing to take advantage of her naive nature in order to trap her. Bernie tricks Zig into thinking he has succeeded in killing and eating Marina. She is Sharko's girlfriend and a redhead mermaid who could be a parody of ArielfromThe Little Mermaid. Zig attempts to catch Marina while she plays golf with Sharko. Was this review helpful to you? / Sharko, Zig and Bernie take on the orcas in rugby. Dong Woo Animation and Armada TMT contributed some of the animations for this series. The Sharko will throw the Zig up, or vice versa, it depends on your choice. Zig tries using the active volcano against Marina. / Zig and Bernie offer to clean the castle. Here are Zig and Sharko again, in new html 5 game available on y8. Zig can't believe his luck when Marina decides to live on the beach in a sandcastle built by Sharko. Ah, but the lovely fish-girl’s best friend is a shark, a shark with a lot of muscle and who loves to sabotage the hyena’s every move. Marina - a mermaid, who is good-natured but quite naïve. Oddly, Zig occasionally cooperates with Sharko to protect Marina from danger (when that danger is not himself). He is often portrayed as muscular and athletic (a recurring element is the character's constant flexing of muscles that aren't generally shown), is a fan of table tennis, and is capable of walking on land (as do all the animated series' aquatic characters) without issue. But they take advantage and double-up their gags to overpower the shark. Throughout the first season, several episodes featured the supporting character of Neptune, based on the mythological Roman god of the sea and portrayed as a vain, muscular merman with numerous killer whale henchmen, who competed with Sharko for Marina's love, despite her disliking him whom Marina despises and often has to rely on Sharko and Zig to keep him at bay, the production team also added in the Greek god Poseidon, portrayed as a muscular, elder merman, who served as Marina's adopted father, and an amnesiac human cargo plane pilot who often exhibits the behavior of a monkey due to his condition. Marina commands Sharko to brood an unhatched egg. When Marina takes an interest in toy trains, Zig and Bernie offer to give her a ride on a miniature train. Xilam then produced a second season in 2013. When Zig dresses up as a vampire to catch Marina, she and Sharko are freaked out after watching a horror movie. Zig and Sharko get lost in the jungle and must work together to find their way out. Bernie makes robot clones of Zig to get Marina, but they can't be controlled. Animals Hate Him: Other animals on the island love to attack him. Inspired by a TV show, Zig emulates a superhero to trap Marina. Marina has a new obsession: giant robots! Zig plays this to his advantage to try and catch the mermaid. Zig & Sharko is a French animated television series produced by animation studios Xilam, known for their animated series Space Goofs and Oggy and the Cockroaches (in fact, one could say Z&S is O&TC's younger brother/cousin). Will he be able to cope with this situation? Bernie turns Zig into a cyborg after a Sharko beatdown. However, he himself has to dress the part to replace the hyena after ejecting him into orbit. He feels that the rest of the world is against him and he wages a constant war against the tyranny of adults. Download All Zig & Sharko Episodes Here >>. When a cargo of trampolines falls on the island, Zig uses them to try to catch Marina. Much of the stories of each episode revolve around an eternal war over Marina between Zig, who attempts to capture her to eat her, and Sharko, who loves her and acts as her bodyguard against Zig's various plans. A fisherman comes to the island and tries to capture Zig. Zig finds a wrecked boat on the shore and uses its cargo of bamboo in his latest scheme. Marina tries to get rid of them and Sharko would like to help, but he is terrified by the rodents… Zig and Bernie will use his weakness to their advantage. Time accelerates. [1] The series is available for streaming in the United States on Netflix (season 1 until September 2017, season 2 currently).[2]. Sharko is best friends with Marina, whom he protects at almost all times due to Zig's constant attempts at eating her. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Bernie and the Starfish are finally alone together. Marina discovers a pyramid with an apparently friendly mummy inside. Zig dresses up as Santa Claus, but Sharko is no fool. Sharko wants to offer Marina a romantic dinner in the boat’s restaurant but has to keep a close eye on Zig to prevent the mermaid from becoming the main course. The character's behavior and characteristics were in part inspired by. Despite their enormous talent, the players must adapt in a game where being the best is only the beginning, and where the opposition is always full of surprises. Add the first question. Play this retro arcade game as seen on TV in Zig & Sharko « Stepfather » Episode. Despite this, Zig can be a good person depending on the episode. Competition, based on mutual jealousy, soon develops between Sharko and Sharky. While on a port-of-call in the Antarctic, Marina wants to make a documentary about penguins. Visit us for more free online games to play. Marina has to compete with another mermaid for Sharko's affections. Sharko thinks he’s really cute and becomes great pals with him. Olga-the-terrible, a Viking chieftain has fallen head over heels in love with Zig. The Recording studio was Studio P.V., and the director was Luca Semeraro. Marina wants to set a world record for the longest tightrope-walk. Bernie invents a deodorant that makes Zig irresistible to Marina; unfortunately it has the same effect on Sharko and everyone else (including Zig himself). Likewise, he becomes this trope only when the other enemies are after Marina or when it comes to teaming up with Sharko. Zig and Sharko find a strange and mysterious place at the bottom of the sea. Zig gives Sharko a whistle to distract him; Sharko takes his lifeguard job a little too seriously. Mickey and his friends Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, Goofy, Pete, Clarabelle and more go on fun and educational adventures. Unlike the series, the characters actually speak in the movie. Zig & Sharko Features: - Great graphics and music. In this adventure game, The little Zig will run and collect coins, power-up to fight with bosses. Zig and Bernie find a magician's powerful hat and cane. Marina takes up water skiing using Sharko as her "boat"; Zig enlists a crazy dolphin's help to catch her. After Sharko rescues Marina trapped in Zig's swimming pool, they find his lair. A Japanese whaling ship tries to capture Sharko. For Marina, it’s the chance to recall a childhood experience. Download Zig & Sharko (Theme) song on and listen Kids Super Anthem Zig & Sharko (Theme) song offline. Zig gets knocked unconscious, and dreams he is in a. Neptune wants to build a road to his tennis court, through Marina and Sharko's house. Zig and Marina must rescue Sharko from King Neptune's dungeon. 4 of 35 people found this review helpful. But his experiment goes wrong and Bernie ends up having to deal with three babies: Sharko, Marina, and Zig! A mime follows Sharko, publicizing his upcoming show onboard the ship. Zig and Bernie build an amusement park to trap Marina. Sharko has a cooking competition with Zig to win Marina's affections. Zig remembers when he, Bernie, Sharko, and Marina were all teenagers. The Rabbids from Ubisoft's "Raving Rabbids" video game series star in their own television series. The type of animation is similar to the American series of Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Tom and Jerry, and Oggy and the Cockroaches, the latter also produced by Marc du Pontavice. When Bernie tries to repair the clock, he inverses the process: everyone on board turns into a baby…, Sharko wants to recreate a romantic scene with Marina from the movie “Titanic” on the ship’s top deck, whereas Zig and Bernie aim to recreate the shipwreck scene, take advantage of the chaos and nab the mermaid…, Zig - a anthropomorphic brown hyena who is currently 18 years old, came to the island as a baby from Africa and was adopted by a female gorilla. A Whistle for Sharko / Bionic Zig / Zig and Sharko on the Rocks 22m. Will Sharko be able to overcome his phobia to save Marina? [5], As of November 2020, The Were-Hyena sixty-seven episode of the season one is the most-viewed episode of the official channel with over 99 million views. Sharko takes his new job a little too seriously. Marina is eager to exercise and signs up for fitness training. Bernie invents a device to change Sharko into a baby, so Zig can devour the defenseless mermaid. Sharko gets a sports car for a hot date with Marina, but she is more interested in the car. The series are going to feature two great main characters called Zig and Sharko. coloring page Zig and Sharko on Kids-n-Fun. He is often denoted as being quite smart, and capable of coming to the rescue when needed. It’s Christmas! This gives Zig an idea, maybe he could defeat Sharko with the right armor. Zig finds him absolutely ridiculous… and is very pleased to discover that mockery can be a powerful weapon against the shark! Game details Choose one of this cartoon characters and him to become a surfer and earn a lot of points while riding the waves. An unusual setting for a great meal! But that's forgetting all about Sharko, the muscly shark who will do anything to protect her. Zig, Sharko, and Bernie remember when they used to play pirates as kids, and they first met Marina. With help from Bernie, a genius hermit-crab, he comes up with the zaniest plans to capture her…but that’s forgetting Sharko, the shark with rippling muscles who will do anything to protect his mermaid honey! Zig & Sharko (French: Zig et Sharko) is a French animated slapstick comedy television … We are going to tell you more about the other characters as well, because it is quite important. We are going to start with the main ones. (2010– ). Title: Marina is the deuteragonist of the show Zig & Sharko. Bob and the Can-Do Crew demonstrate the power of positive thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and follow-through. Sharko is looking forward to the cruise ship’s bell, so he can finally dance the tango with Marina… but Zig takes advantage of the party and use crazy dances to approach the mermaid discreetly. Marina convinces Sharko to join the police force. Sharko turns the volcano into a ski resort so that Marina can try out some winter sports. All the ship’s passengers suddenly grow old. Zig and Sharko - Ballerburg. Zig tries using two ponies that arrive on the island to get Marina, but they are really slow. He is not afraid to butt heads with them for her affection. Bernie - a red anthropomorphic hermit crab, and Zig's best friend since childhood. Deprived of his life's purpose, Zig sinks into depression. Bernie becomes a surrogate father to a lost herd of baby crabs. Zig and Sharko is a fun series about the hyena Zig, the shark Sharko and the mermaid Marina. This page was last edited on 7 April 2021, at 21:15. Meet this curious polar bear that travels around the world learning about us. But when Marina is in danger, the sharks rise above their rivalry to join forces against Zig, to save her. However, their hunt for treasure is not easy as they come face-to-face with pirates. Zig, a famished hyena comes up with the craziest plans to make a meal out of Marina, the carefree mermaid. A development budget of 6 to 6.5 million euros (6.85 to 7.42 million US dollars) was allocated to the series. zig and sharko 51 GIFs. Bernie, Zig's hermit crab companion, is his only true friend. A tsunami floods the island, and Marina temporarily loses Sharko. Instructions: Zig disguises himself with a false mustache after getting himself banned from the island, but doesn't fool Sharko; Sharko similarly uses a wig after getting himself banned for beating up the "new guest". Sharko forces Zig to help him rebuild Marina's house after accidentally destroying it. Zig takes advantage of her gullibility to attract her into various traps, but he mainly attracts Sharko’s jealousy and rage.