Livigno is just behind the borders, accessible via Bernina Pass. Das Corona-Openair-Verbot trifft die grossen Schweizer Festivals hart. If you have a car, be aware that free parking in the city centre is rare to find, and that the paid parking is quite expensive. The club is used alternately as a disco, a reading room, a concert hall, and a theatre. There are also raves in industrial buildings that require you to join their “club” as they’re not legally allowed to sell alcohol to the public. Held every year at the end of winter on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, Lucerne Carnival kicks off the spring season with a blast of parties and outdoor entertainment. ZÜRICH OPENAIR (official) - Flughofstrasse 21, 8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland - Rated 4.1 based on 3 Reviews "MiXHELL" The 250 square meter dance floor hosts mainly house and RnB, with a mix of party hits thrown in. Bern’s museum’s doors stay open until the early hours of the morning and thousands stream through the doors. Auch das Zürich Openair fällt der Corona-Pandemie zum Opfer. (updated May 2020). From Saturday 20 March to 9 May 2021, you can enjoy more than 7 million spring flowers. Buy your ticket now. The bubbly “champagne atmosphere” is as legendary as the St. Moritz sun, which shines on an average 322 days a year! On the way, you can admire a lot of Swiss villages and spectacular mountain views. ETH-Professorin Tanja Stadler kritisiert die frühen Lockerungen. There is also a fantastic city bus system that will assist less mobile and disabled visitors getting around to see the city. If a ticket is purchased for a particular zone, it can only be used for that zone. It was made a free imperial city by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II in 1218 after Berthold died without an heir. Be sure to “shop around” before deciding on a restaurant as many of them cater to foreign tourists (especially those serving traditional Swiss food) and have inflated their prices accordingly. Next to the clock tower you’ll find Du Théâtre, nicknamed the DüDü by the locals, is a trendy club that has both a bar and a lounge. From Italy you drive over the Bernina or the Maloja. It provides flights to the international airports of Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Milan, and Munich. For middle-of-the-road costs, try the Kornhaus, on the Kornhausplatz. About Us. A great place for partying. As with most other cities in Switzerland, store opening and closing hours in Berne are strictly regulated. FAQ masks compulsory / Factsheet masks on public transport; Transport companies ask travellers to be considerate of each other and to keep the required distance. It joined the Swiss Confederation in 1353, and in 1848, it became the capital of Switzerland. Over 80 top acts at ZURICH OPENAIR 2021. Coronavirus Update Zurich - Back in business Updated: August 17, 2020 Has the spread of the Coronavirus slowed down in Zurich? Reminiscent of the glass pyramid at the Louvre, the Baldachin is a steel and glass construction, featuring an undulating glass roof, through which the Holy Ghost Church and the Citizens’ Hospital can be viewed whilst keeping the aesthetics. Enjoy a resplendent tour on the lake aboard a vintage paddle steamer or join in with a variety of water sports during the summer months on the water’s edge. December is a much favored month in Lucerne and the city is busy not only with winter sports enthusiasts but also visitors flock into the city for the Christmas markets and a super special Swiss white Christmas. Situated in the middle of Switzerland, Berne is easy to reach from all parts of the country. Even though Switzerland has opted out of NATO and the European Union, Zurich is today one of central Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities. See you this summer somewhere down the gypsy road. Express (InterCity) trains connect twice per hour to Geneva, Basel and Zurich as well as Zürich and Geneva airports. Here, you can find all types of accommodation from luxurious hotels over holiday apartments, mountain lodges, a youth hostel, to a camping place. Using the car in the old town is very difficult and not recommended. The Gletshergaten is a massive piece of land with unusual pits which are actually holes of erosion created during the Iron Age when Lake Lucerne was entirely covered by ice. Wander the small hops in the old town or head for the brighter lights of the main drag. Almost all lines are linked together at the main train station, and operate at intervals between 5 to 30 minutes. The best-known hotels are the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, Badrutt’s Palace, and the Kulm Hotel. Die Organisatoren haben das Festival am Mittwoch offiziell abgesagt. It is one of the best-known vacation spots in Europe. A city of rich history and one of the biggest financial centers in the world, Zurich is home to many of the great banking companies and a center for research and development. The remarkable design coherence of Berne’s old town has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The town grew up around the Aare River on hilly ground, and so the city areas are on low ground along the river, and it spreads out onto higher ground. Eating in Berne (or almost anywhere in Switzerland for that matter) can be an expensive proposition for foreign tourists. Bern has a vibrant bar scene, and there’s no better way to get around to seeing the local bars, and making friends in fun places. Fish is a popular choice on any menu with the daily fresh catch straight from the lake made available all throughout the city. The canton lost the Old Zürich War between 1440 and 1446 against the confederacy, and was re-admitted in 1450. Four of the highlights in the event calendar: the Zurich Film Festival, the Zurich Openair, the Sechseläuten and the New Year's Eve magic from the Zurich hoteliers. However, before the first acts get going on the festival site in the afternoon, there is still some time for enterprising guests to explore the surrounding area. Tickets can be bought at vending machines at most stops, or with a smartphone using the SBB mobile app. Still in Old Town, the cathedral was begun in 1421 and is the tallest in Switzerland. The last Post Bus from St. Moritz to Chur leaves at 23:00. The lounge has comfortable leather chairs and sofas, a fireplace and a glass roof. St.Moritz has a good public transport network. Hourly express trains connect to most other cities, including Interlaken, Brig, and Lucerne. And the Luzerner Kugelipastete, which is a delicious puff pastry dish filled with veal and mushrooms in a sauce. This procedure is annoying, but legal as you will probably have a hard time proving you were not acting suspicious. Frequent S-bahn local trains connect Belp to Bern’s main station, 40 min altogether. Trotzdem ist vieles anders. Bridges have been built across the river over the years to allow for expansion of the city. Lucerne’s station hosts several stores which have longer opening hours than most other shops. Das ist an Silvester trotz Corona möglich. GartenHaus 1313 is a relaxed and friendly restaurant offering the best Swiss comfort food in a laid back atmosphere. As it's located outdoors, it's only open when the weather is warm, but it is covered, so a little rain won't pre Thanks to its central location Lucerne railway station (Bahnhof Luzern) can be reached easily from nearly every other city in Switzerland using the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS)). Die Organisatoren des Openair Frauenfeld bleiben trotz Corona-Krise optimistisch. The central location of Bern offers easy access to trips throughout Switzerland; but Bern itself offers more than enough to keep a holidaymaker busy. Biking is also very good around St.Moritz, however it is sometimes a bit steep. Stay informed about the current situation of flight operations and the opening hours of shops, restaurants and services at Zurich Airport. St. Moritz is served by the Post Bus, departing from right next to the train station. Bike lanes are present on most secondary streets, and Lucerne drivers are generally aware of and polite towards bicyclists. Zurich is also home to a number of large banking and insurance conglomerates that grew on the fabled Swiss banking secret and still enjoy good reputations in the financial sector. However, Switzerland’s famous neutrality and stability is a modern thing, as many battles have been fought in and around Zurich. Unforgettable encounters with wild animals in near-natural parks and exiting discoveries in a primeval forest wilderness form an … Every hour on the hour, is displayed what the locals proudly tell you is the longest running act in show business. Jahr für Jahr ist das Line-up genauso abwechslungsreich wie auch eindrucksvoll. The Hürlimannplatz Bus Stop (line 66) is 200 yards from the hotel, and the Enge/Bederstrasse Tram Stop (line 13) is a 7-minute walk away. Motorbikers will find free dedicated parking spaces in several places around the perimeter of the old town, including near Waisenhausplatz and at the main train station. Berne’s S-Bahn rail system will take you to many places in the suburbs and to nearby cities like Biel, Thun, Fribourg or Solothurn. Basking in a glory of a booming tourism industry, the city has a magical charm, whisking visitors right back to a fairy tale era, some thousands of years ago – to the 13th Century. It has hiking paths, a playground, and a restaurant. If you’re in the mood to splurge, the place to be seen at is the Bellevue Palace, on the Kochergasse. The Holy Ghost Church is one of the largest Swiss Reformed churches in Switzerland. Zurich, 408 m (1,339 ft) 3. This incredible medieval city centre is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland and has grown in leaps and bounds from its origins as a small lakeside fishing village. This is a fantastic place to spend the afternoon if you are into trains, planes and automobiles as well as motorcycles. Frau Gerolds Garten Zürich 18.00-21.00 9. The bus and tram lines operated by Bernmobil are complemented with yellow Postauto bus lines connecting to the suburbs. Like in most Swiss cities, parking space is rare and expensive. The best weather in Bern is between April and September. Also in the medium range is the Restaurant Muesmatt, on Freiestrasse. It covers the city and its suburbs. River boats and lake steamers can be a relaxing way to travel along the Limmat River and there are a number of trips for tourists exploring the area with themed cruises and many people take a trip to Rapperswil to admire the castle. The Lucerne Festival Orchestra is made up from some of the most talented and distinguished musicians from around the world, and this is without a doubt one of the single biggest cultural events on the Lucerne calendar every year. If you prefer a scenic meal, try the Casino Restaurant on Herrengasse. There are public pools along the river which are free, so you can ‘land’ at one of them to have a shower afterwards. At Beck Glatz Confiseur you can buy the Mandelbärli, or almond bear, which is a great Bern souvenir, and a speciality of the confectioner. It was built in 1891 to service the steel workers at the Von Roll steelworks in Bern. The Stadtkeller, located in the Old Town is one of the best places to experience these shows. Unfortunately, on April 16, 2020 the organizer of the Wacken Open Air announced that the Wacken Open Air 2020 was not allowed to take place due to official orders and had to be canceled. But compared with other cities in Europe it’s a safe area. & 06.10.21, Zurich Elton John: On Demand Tickets. Rammstein - Zürich (Europe Stadium Tour 2021) Mon Jul 5, 2021 UTC+02 at Stadion Letzigrund. A taxi to the city is about 40 Fr and takes 20 mins. People in St. Moritz are very hospitable and its hotels brought St. Moritz to the top of the world. The facilities have recently been upgraded, and the bears can even swim in a section of the river. The most popular historic sights and the Old Town are all about 20 minutes or so away from each other on foot. Berne is a bike-friendly city, and most thoroughfares include dedicated bike lanes. What’s On In Zurich Mid to End of December 2020 New Corona Measures From 22nd December 2020 Wishing you a great week ahead. Die Organisatoren haben das Festival am Mittwoch offiziell abgesagt. The summer weather is unpredictable though, so take your warm clothes. While Zurich is the country’s financial centre and has the busiest airport, Berne is the Swiss capital. Berne is an ideal gateway to the Bernese Highlands. The wearing of a face mask is mandatory in the entire Swiss public transport system (including train stations, waiting areas, bus/tram stops etc.). A few minutes before the hour, a song plays, accompanied by a jester drumming. As the Thirty Years’ War ended in 1648, the Holy Roman Empire lost its grip on Switzerland, which has mostly been independent since then. With its famous location being in the Am-Rhyn Haus, this inspiring museum showcases a vivid collection of paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculptures all done by Pablo Picasso. It’s pricey, but if you go whilst parliament is in session, you might just come across the Swiss president eating his lunch there. From March to May is the Bern Jazz Festival – drawing visitors from all over Switzerland as well as abroad, to the capital. Le ciel opened its doors in 2010, with Bob Sinclair as the DJ. Zürich Openair is a Swiss multi-genre festival, which has steadily become one of the country's most reliable music festivals for showcasing a diverse lineup spanning rock, indie, pop, electronic, and hip hop's most globally admired stars. While Zurich is the country’s financial centre and has the busiest airport, Berne is the Swiss capital. For better choice of flights, fly into Geneva , Zurich or Basel then take the train to Bern. Built around the turn of the 13th century, the animatronic technology is astounding for those times. Its clientele is trendy and chic. The International Music Festival of Lucerne is considered to be the finest in Europe and is a tribute to this music legend. You’ll find several good department stores with acceptable prices for most items, as well as pricey speciality shops. For warmer weather in Zurich, the best time to visit would be between June and August as the summer temperatures are pleasant but this means that there will be more people visiting and potentially higher prices (and it’s not cheap to start with). As the temperature peaks, so does the rainfall, so be prepared. Auch Zürich Openair fällt der Corona-Pandemie zum Opfer – Jubiläumsausgabe soll 2021 gefeiert werden sda Zuletzt aktualisiert am 30.4.2020 um 11:24 Uhr Ich leite künftig die Abteilung Festivals, was neben dem OpenAir St.Gallen und dem SummerDays Festival auch die Unique Moments in Zürich und das Seaside Festival in Spiez miteinschliesst. Lucerne has an efficient bus network: Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern (VBL) (German only). Lucerne is a fine city to visit, and is a great base from which to explore famous Swiss sites such as the mountains Rigi, Pilatus, Titlis and the Rütli meadow. MESSAGE FROM ANDRÉ RIEU REGARDING THE MAASTRICHT CONCERTS 2020. If you’re visiting the city centre, it’s best to park at a ‘park and ride’ and take public transport into the centre, and walk to wherever you like from there. The best time to go and visit Lucerne depends only on your budget, your seasonal and climate preference and whether or not you like crowds. With fast service and a big variety of Chinese dishes, together with a wide vegetarian selection, this is the ideal eatery; especially if you’re waiting for a train. We will be visiting in August and staying in Montreux, Wengen and Zurich (3 days each). Some of the major and busiest international airports in the world started announcing preventive safety measures against the spread of the 2019 Wuhan coronavirus, which the WHO calls Covid-19, after its outbreak in China and quick spread to 77 more countries. A few outside Old Town include: the Eidgenössisches Archiv für Denkmalpflege, the Kirchenfeld mansion district, the Swiss National Library, and the Historical Museum. Forscherin zu Corona-Zahlen - «Die Lage in Zürich ist alarmierend» Im Kanton Zürich gibt es wieder mehr Corona-Infizierte. There are a lot of events in St. Moritz such as operas in all seasons, the British Classic Car Meeting, the surf marathon, the city race, the gourmet festival, etc. The city became the Swiss capital in 1848. From July to mid-August are their holiday periods, so some of the smaller restaurants may be closed. Lucerne (Luzern in German, Lozärn in Swiss-German) is a beautiful small city in the heartland of Switzerland, across the lake from Altdorf, where legend has it William Tell shot an apple off of his son’s head. We have everything for your next job. There are workshops, discussions, performances and exhibitions. It’s one of the most important traditional jazz events, and has been running since 1976. Wegen dem Coronavirus hat es dieses Jahr keinen klassischen Festivalsommer gegeben. Corona measures at Keukenhof Gardens – Photo credit: Keukenhof. Millions of them.” — Mark Twain. Neue, verborgene und überraschende Freiluft-Cinémas lassen sich entdecken. They serve the local Burgdorfer beer, and wifi is available. There are 114 Swiss heritage sites of national significance in Bern, so it’s hard to miss a couple of them. ... Wengen open-air ice rink is in the centre of the village. There are currently four bears in an open-air enclosure. The winter months are particularly good for winter sports holidays. In summer the opening hours are 8am to 5.30pm, and 9am to 4pm in winter. In addition there are queues to get into all of the attractions and sites and the entire city will be heaving with holiday makers.